The new Blackberry Touch/Monaco or the iPhone 5?


  • Michael S - 13 years ago

    Obviously, The British are more smarter than Americans dealing with choosing a Blackberry... When RIM Puts the Tablet OS on Smartphones, there will be no Comparison to that POS Iphone. Email, Multi-tasking, Flash, Oh Yeah and of-course Apps. Everything!

  • Kiddo2050 - 13 years ago

    To me it's funny how apple people get so upset about these pools. It is pretty clear that the big appeal for apple products is me too -ism and wanting to be seen to be cool. I'm not saying the iPhone isn't very good at what it does, but if that was the full appeal of it Iphone owners would say "who cares about a poll I love my phone." Instead it's like " this can't be, other people must love my phone too, they must see me as a cool person because that is the reason I bought the phone."

    Well I've owned both and after a year with the iPhone I realized that with the volume of emails and other communication I have to do, nothing beats a Blackberry. Sure it doesn't have all the apps of the iphone, but I don't care about that stuff.

    With most people using their phones for email, twitter and facebook (i.e., communication) rather than game playing, I do see the appeal of the iPhone fading. Also if everyone and their brother woning one the cool factor definitely falls.

    Videos of the monaco are on the web now and if you are talking sexy Monaco wins hands down. I won't get it because I love the blackberry keyboard. So it's the new Bold Touch for me.

  • Kiddo2050 - 13 years ago

    Prateek, you obviously haven't used a blackberry. I've used both and there is no comparison. Blackberry email is much much better than iPhoen email.

  • Hans Beier - 13 years ago

    iPhone is best phone I've ever had had by a country mile.
    I'm not only one
    JD power survey anyone (A survey with a statistically significant poll size)

    Who are their poll population?
    Do they work for blackberry?
    What is the full background for the survey/

    The reason I ask is that the Blackberry owners I know are not very impressed their handsets.

    it seems to me the survey has very shaky grounds

  • prateek - 13 years ago

    Those who think Blackberry has more relaiability and better email, has obviously not used Iphone properly. Case closed.

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