Why Prophet Muhammad Married Aisha When She Was Only 9?

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  • ali - 6 weeks ago

    I am Ali Jinnah a Shia Muslim from India. I believe in Allah and only Allah.I worship only Allah. I do not believe much now in Sharia and Quran very little.
    It is wrong of Prophet Muhammad to marry Aisha before Puberty.I believe they married and had sex after she become woman. But being Allah Messenger he wait for say six years more and she woman ,know her mind and marry,it be good example

  • Naveen - 2 years ago

    Cmon yaar trying to support too much. It's the age of grandfather. Why she had no children with muhammad.

  • Rskesh - 2 years ago

    BABA saint culture started by prophet md in the name Allah ,everything to anything justified for their blind followers till date. In the name religion or God every wrong is right for them even today... Blind followers of any person or saint or baba also follow wrong tradition started by their lords illogically...

  • Anon - 2 years ago

    The age of Aisha may not be known 100%. Some say she was 19 in fact. If Prophet Muhammad was a so-called "pedo", then a lot of people back then were pedos as well. There are many reasons why Prophet Muhammad married Aisha, not for wealth, property, beauty, but for strengthening the relationship with Abu Bakr. The culture was different back then, and human body development was different as well. Today, there are still cases of marrying at such an age, but those cases should not be acceptable for pedophilic lust. Prophet Muhammad did not marry Aisha because she was that young, nor because of her beauty, he married her because Allah wanted him to, or if we want to look at it in a more secular manner, then he married her to strengthen relations with Abu Bakr's family (this was done a lot back in the day). Need I remind you all many people back then married at that age because it was culturally accepted. You may not like it, but you can't change what the past cultures thought was acceptable. For more information, go on this link about Aisha: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aisha

  • Joe Hova - 3 years ago

    Sick religious people justifying rape of children in the name of their god.

  • Alive Human - 4 years ago

    What to say? How a prophet can have sex with a girl who is the age of his grand daughter..? If he was of the same age, it was OK, or was double but he was six time older than her.. Those who support this, can those allow their sister or dauther to marrying with a man who is double of his age? How can a balance mind man allow his daughter?

  • yoosuf abu abd azeem - 4 years ago

    Allah we help us ( amin ) all what our prophet do is awesome & is best & is good

  • T - 4 years ago

    Also Aisha was 15 min and 20 max as she was in the battle of badr and the Prophet would not have allowed anyone there under the age of 15 to fight . You ignorants learn your religion stop going to your false sheikhs slam Rushdie write satanic verses on reading Sahih Bukhari so before going after him u should have fatwad yourselves honestly laughing stock amongst Muslims. Also call Joseph or your God a Paedophile first as lady Mary was 12 when she gave birth to Jesus or had the spirit invoked into her .by your God

  • T - 4 years ago

    What a load of nonsense if Islam has a negative view it's because of the false and highly inflammatory women who debased our religions and as an enemy of The Prophet pbuh her life was a constant plotting against the Prophets pbuh household and her death was by her uncle maviah pushing her into a pit!

  • Tucker - 4 years ago

    @Ashhab: I completely agree, Christianity is just as disgusting, homophobic, ignorant and bigoted as Islam...

    It's the 21st century, it's time that all religious people grew up, stopped believing in their imaginary friends, stopped believing in magic and joined the rest of us in a wonderful secular society... We've been waiting for you for such a long time.

  • yousef - 4 years ago

    Alhamdullah , after reading this i'm totally relieved

  • allah the peado - 5 years ago

    You dirty bastards. The lot of you.

  • mark - 5 years ago

    "because Sayyidah Aisha had been through puberty by the age of 9, and in Islam a female who under-goes puberty is considered a lady and is fit for marriage."

    So is it still ok for this in Islam in the 21st century? Disgusting!!!!

  • firdous - 5 years ago

    Your post is not convincing enough. Prophet was for alll nation till the last day of judgment. How did he even think about it. Marrying 9 yrs old at age 54 is Sunna it's hard to believe. Was thr any benefit from this marriage. The example he set is not fair enough to accept.

  • thinkaboutit - 6 years ago

    today he would be raped in jail and left to bleed...he made many mistakes that cause pain and suffering to women today. Also, a child will more likely die in childbirth (the hips are not wide enough, the child-bearing muscles have not formed therefore the baby will not come out). I believe what happened was that Aisha was damaged by Mohammed and for that reason never gave birth, but was often ill.

  • Wannaknw - 6 years ago

    He was there to give the example of ideal mankind,
    • Can we now, in this world walk on his foot print?
    • Can we now follow the same marriage age between man and child now?
    • It is fine that she was at nine and had reach to puberty, but was prophet forgot his age?
    The age of 54 considered to be a rationally matured age.
    • Was she had sexual desire for him in that innocent age when at right that time she was playing with a doll?
    I am confuse what kind of message he is trying to give us?
    In the Ten thousand years old history of mankind we have never ever heard that a girl or boy 9 nine old child have been matured enough to have sex whether it is mentally or physically.
    • It is also fine that Allah ordered him to marry with her, but did Allah also ordered him to have sex with her in her childhood?
    How he could had sexual felling for her, did he forget that he is going to be a prophet for future?
    Why couldn't he wait till the age she get matured enough to understand what sexual pleasure is?

    This is impossible for a non-muslim to accept this act, may be Muslims are accepting this Inhuman act to satisfy their religious ego?

  • Ashhab - 7 years ago

    Many christians seems to be ignorant about the fact that holy Mary(peace&blessings be upon her) gave birth to Jesus/Isa when she was around 11-14 years old. Just look into bible encylopedia. Also according to christians sources Joseph married when he was 90years old(that too from Christian encyclopedia).

  • Ashhab - 7 years ago

    Many christians seems to be ignorant about the fact that holy Mary(peace&blessings be upon her) gave birth to Jesus/Isa when she was around 11-14 years old. Just look into bible encylopedia. Also according to christians sources Joseph married when he was 90years old(that too from Christian encyclopedia).

  • MRS ATTIQ - 7 years ago

    Al hamdulliah we r muslim and we believe that what ever our Prophet (peace be upon him) do in his life is perfect and perfect . Any power in this world cant prove Him wrong. If He marry agirl of 9 it is perfect.H e spread His whole life following complete Quran and Sunnah.We wish that whole ummat follow his path Ameen,and may we all meet Him fast in Heaven AMEEN.

  • Joseph Fritzl - 7 years ago

    I couldn't agree more with everything thats been said.

    Also its "now" not "Know"

  • Abdulhafiz - 8 years ago

    Amin, Amin, Amin.

  • Jamila - 9 years ago

    Aameen! and may Lord lead us all to right path, and we could know difference between right and wrong. Praise for Umm-ul-momineen Sayeda Ayesha (R.A).

  • Fariha - 9 years ago

    Ameen. Inshallah

  • Abubakar Rilwanu Lukman - 9 years ago

    May Allah Subhanuhu-wata'ala contiun to bless Sayyidah Aisha and her family. Since the massanger Allah said she is one woman he LOVE best on earth therefor,as a Musilm we are compel to love her,pary for her and hope to meet her in Jannatil fidausi insha Allah.

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