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Posted 8 years.


  • Cuttler - 8 years ago

    I vote for the person who's record I could see myself buying. 95% or more of the music I've purchased in the last 21 years is country. It would be clear then, that my favs are Scotty and Lauren (who sings country part of the time) and they are. I also voted for Naima because she is a hometown girl and, though she didn't do country, I liked her performances.

  • Megan Michalak - 8 years ago

    ME and my dad love James and Casey!! THEY ROCK!!!!

  • Hilda - 8 years ago

    I tried voting, but the phone lines are busy, so I voted by buying their recordings.
    These buys should count for more then one vote.

  • Sandy - 8 years ago

    I think as judges you should give some advice of the air, because most people do not have an ear for music, so when the people hear you say negitive things to them they think oh that person isn't good. I do however believe Pia will go far. she was my favourite and I couldn't believe she left so early. GOOD LUCK PIA!

  • Carmela McPhee - 8 years ago

    To whom it may concern!!!

    I have voted each week for Scotty... Thank you, Carmela

  • wcd0943 - 8 years ago

    I voted for Scotty and will continue to do so. My wife and I are both Country music fans and believe that he has one of the best country music voices around. He has a huge future in country and we both look forward to buying all of his songs. We have bought all of his albums on ITunes and will continue to do so. I really did hate to see Pia leave so early in the competition, but only because there are so many others that are much less talented than her.

  • Mary - 8 years ago

    I vote every week. I vote for the person that I think is truly an American Idol. The one I vote for will not win because he is not the loud screaming singer that seems to be popular today. I also feel the judges were wrong in desplaying their emotions the way they did. It had to make the poor young man that stayed feel terrible. He had to have felt that he shouldn't be there after all. All of the singers are very good and not everyone can win so of course each week there is going to be bad feelings for the one that goes home. I hope the judges will be more professional from now on and not let their feelings hurt the one's that stay each week when the judges favorite has to leave. If this kind of judging continues, I won't watch any more American Idol shows after this year. I have watched every year and will miss not seeing it again.

  • Omar - 8 years ago

    There should be the choice : Yes, but not every week.

  • chiquita - 8 years ago

    i love he voice

  • Rick Durocher - 8 years ago

    The voting is obviously NOT in favor of the best performer. That was VERY clear in the tossing of PIA who in my opinion is by far the best performer of the bunch. She has it All !!!! Now I'm sure the rest of the girls will go since girls don't vote for girls and Scotty will definitely win. The vote count should be equally divided as 50% male and 50% female consideration to eliminate the female control issue. The Idol show has lost it's credibility in my eyes.

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