Do you want me to reply to every comment?


  • Tilly Bud - 12 years ago

    Thanks for taking the time to comment at all; I really do appreciate it :)

  • Tinman - 12 years ago

    I picked the Maltesers one because I know you love them, but the real answer should be "only if you have something worth saying".
    I love all my commenters but can rarely think of anything worthwhile to say to their comments, so I end up saying nothing and then feeling bad about it, but I think if you've no real reply to make then you shouldn't have to make one.
    Paula's right, though. None of this applies to my comments.

  • Paula Tohline Calhoun - 12 years ago

    It would not give me enough room to give my complete "Other" reply! The entire comment was: Only if delivered in person. Or if the comment is from me. All comments from me are worth responding to, and failure to do so will become a part of your permanent record, which will follow you around until the day you die. And I have some pull with the "Man/Woman upstairs," which means it might follow you around after you die as well. . .

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