Which CBS Dramas Will Be Cancelled?

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Poll posted 9 years ago.


  • Angel - 8 years ago

    Ecstatic "Criminal Minds; Suspect Behaviour". has been cancelled Forest Whitaker's chewing of the scenery made me wanna gag..! never watched an episode after the pilot and I read & heard many people with the same complaint.

  • Kathy T - 8 years ago

    You can keep Criminal Minds - Suspect Behavior. It is terrible. What a mistake to try to spin off the original CM. That one is great.

  • Kathy - 8 years ago

    Please don't cancel Blue Bloods and The Good Wife. There is such good writing and good acting on these shows. All we have are sitcoms on TV and these two are winners. It would be such a shame.

  • drpepper - 8 years ago

    I really don't understand why advertisers target a certain age group. I know alot of people past the age of 49 who put alot more money back into the economy than many younger people and I think advertisers should be targeting them also. Some of the dramas like Blue Bloods draws a larger crowd than most on Friday evenings because of Tom Selleck's faithful fans and also the great writing and cast. I think it would be a shame to cancel this show because a better share of it's audience is past 49.

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