Should China loosen its one child policy?

Posted 8 years.


  • Danyelle Lock - 4 years ago

    I think the one-child policy is unfair. Everyone deserves to live, they didnt do anything to not live. I just think its unfair for china to have to one child policy

  • Glacier Sandraris - 6 years ago

    Well. Yes I am 10years old. My name is Glacier, so what about that do you want to say sir? (Or Mam) But anyway I do like to debate once again, I do not like being called F!! My mother said that F is a sware word though, I do not want to know what it is.
    I have been in debate champianships, been a top speaker, and at a Prime minister's point of view, I wrote an introduction of this topic from the government side. If you're willing to use my introduction, please leave a comment with a name or anynomous and then take it please! :)


    Hello ladies and gentleman, honorable adjudicator. I am the Prime minister of the Government team. Today the proposition team strongly says yes to the motion, ‘This house would maintain one-child policy.’ Before I move on to my arguments, I would first like to define the motion and signpost, and then move on to our team’s arguments for today.
    First of all, we would like to define this house as China. Maintain means to keep doing something and in this case it would be to keep one child policy going. Lastly, we would like to define one-child policy as "family planning policy is the population control policy of the People's Republic of China. It restricts couples to have only one child to help China with environmental problems and etc.
    Now I would like to signpost. Today we have a total of ( ) arguments.
    (In an elementary school debate, it is mostly 4 arguments.)-A 6minute speech.
    I am an 10 year old kid, but I know more than most high school, middle school students. I'm not showing off, but if you want information, I want to talk to someone like a pen-pal! Because I am in South Korea for a visit to my friend, I want to speak English with an American.


  • Glacier Sandraris - 6 years ago

    China die right now. BECASUE of the popilation growing. ''

    10yearold GLACIER

  • Glacier Sandraris - 6 years ago

    WHAT are you, the gov or whatever going to do to the rights of people you have taken and killed children?

    -10year old Glacier-

    I like debating:)

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