• Another Kiwi - 11 years ago

    This contest is too close to call. I don't know what we shall do.

  • One year later, the song remains the same.

  • Although "shan't be back" is miss-speeled, it is clearly the superior option.

  • Goggle Monster from Planet Zorg - 13 years ago

    Why do you bother us, human? We are involved in important talks with the 'Quargans. Why have you activated the Kiltan Channel?

  • Erwin Schrödinger - 13 years ago

    I...uh...Well, see...ummm.

    I can't answer - there's no option for "Neither" or "Both".

    Once you get this whole incompleteness problem solved, I shall be back!


  • ckc (not kc) - 13 years ago

    Surely you realized that your question is far too ambiguous to give guidance to anyone re the intentions of internet wanderers?
    Therefore I do not deign to answer.

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