Do you think Liam could do justice to the role of Spartacus?
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  • Ashley - 10 years ago

    As an American woman in this modern age of media, I find it so hard to believe that Hollywood/producers don't get "it". When Spartacus:Blood and Sand came out, I thought "Hey somebody finally gets "it". Then Andy became ill, and my intial response was I hope he will be okay and it was a nice show while it lasted. Then when Gods of the Arena came out I was like wow Dustin Clare is cute. Now after seeing the trailer for season 3 my reaction has became like a deflated balloon. I was soo happy looking at the trailer for season 3 on until I realized that the ugly guy who was talking was the new Spartacus. Needless to say they don't get "it". You will never in your life see women like Sarah Jessica Parker or Drew Barrymore playing a role like I dunno Cleopatra. Yet we women are fated to be stuck with guys with nice bods but busted faces hehe. Its funny at this point, but shows like Spartacus glamourized the living conditions back then because the lead was smoking hot. To be honest the conditions back then were depressing and the twist and turns of the villians in the story was darkening but it was the hot lead that really kept your attention and brighten your spirits to withstand the next hit. Not trying to be shallow but the show is about the sex, violence, and gore. I don't think it's asking too much that the lead be someone every woman would fantasize about. Just saying. I really hope someone revamps a supergirl movie and then put a butter faced chick as the lead and watch what happens. This guy Liam is a butter face...he is, thus he's not my Spartacus. Don't get me wrong, if they had Henry Cavill or some other "hot" guy do the role and I would have kept my mouth shut and looking forward to the new season. Probably not going to watch it now, I'm really fustrated that Hollywood thinks its ok to do this because women viewers don't matter so long as he has muscles we'll be happy. Wrong so very wrong the days of Arnold Schwarzenegger are over as the lead in linecloth (thank god). Lets break this tradition thats being forced on us. Find someone else to replace Andy or sick or not put Andy back in the linecloth. I'll rather see an ill hot man play this role than a butter face....please.

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