Do you think Fox's 'Bones' can work - for even just a few episodes - without its Temperance 'Bones' Brennan?

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  • Whitley Gray - 12 years ago

    Okay one I'm a huge fan of bones, its my favorite show! Now, heres an idea, as mush as I don't want to go a few months without bones while Emily Deschanel is on maternity leave I think they should end the sixth season which they just did tonight and wait maybe a month to six weeks off and then pick the show back up. They can film fewer episodes in season 7 instead of the normal 22 and then go on season break for season 8 until after Emily's maternity leave is over and bring her back. This way they can do some filming during her pregnancy and not have to use a fake baby bump at the end of the year after she has her real baby. I think this idea could work and it will still give her, her maternity leave and it won't keep fans waiting for more than half a year. I also have a question, real quick, how did Brennan get pregnant? Did Brennan and Booth have sex the night she crawled into bed with him or did she use his sperm like she planned to do in season 4? I really how you consider my idea or even get it and again, I love bones and I hope it never ends!

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