What is the ideal amount of time to hold in a hit?

  • Joe Wind - 5 years ago

    The latest research on THC absorption via the lungs says holding in your marijuana hit from seven to eleven seconds gives your lungs the optimal amount of time to absorb as much THC, other cannabinoids, and terpenoids as possible, without coating your lungs with particulates or depriving yourself of oxygen.

  • Tom tucker - 6 years ago

    To Chris
    Hey Chris I know this is two years later for a response but hopefully you get to read this. Any way I believe you are correct about taking a hit and letting the smoke out right away because like you said of the resin would build up. I have done an experiment and I tried it my self to see if resin really did go into my lungs. Conclusion was that yes it goes it but if you let the smoke out right away the pretty much all of the resin is blown out with the smoke

  • james d. - 8 years ago

    after ten sec. your wasting your time. i voted 0-5 but after some research and experiments id have to say ten seconds max.

  • Christopher Chesler - 8 years ago

    Also, I know when I played the smoking game 'baseball' whith people, I gets higher than I've ever been.
    The game is where you hold your hit till the jay or bowl comes back to you. Best with only 2-3 people. Alot more funny with more people though.

  • Christopher Chesler - 8 years ago

    To be honest. I belive most of the data this poll has gathered is incorrect. I belive most people voted on how long is ideal for them as they can do it. Not what they think the best amount of time to maximizes the effects would be.
    I have two I ideas but no facts.
    I belive what you need from the smoke may be best if as soon as your done inhaling you exhale (and keep taking a few big breaths usually helps to not cough). I feel all the chemical compounds your body is getting "high" off off is transferred right away. And holding the smoke in any longer is just going to make them suffer. The longer the smoke sets the more resin builds up in your lungs.

    The other idea Id be willig to belive is that the chemical compounds slowly absorb thus you would need to hold it for a fairly good amout of time.

    I would love it if someone with a scientific background could find the truth for us pot heads.

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