Do you think Kirstie has lost weight on DWTS?

  • xhulio - 9 years ago

    She can do it! I believe in her!

  • nikki - 9 years ago

    believe it or not how takll you are really makes a impact on the size you can wear. Someone said that Oprah was a size 10 at 200 lbs and I believe it because I was a size 20 at 260lbs then after losing 60 lbs I mainly wore a 13/14 but I did have one pair of size 11 jeans that I got from pacific sunwear and i weighed 200 lbs. Kirstie is doing great and I, just like her, have been up and down all my life with weight. I'm pregnant now but after the baby i might try dancing. If she can do it I can. Go Kirstie!

  • Kay - 9 years ago

    She has lost a lot of weight, but, no way is she a size 6!! And she was not a 12 when she started.
    If she is a size 6 now, what size are the other gals-----must be something like -8 or something. I like Kirstie, but why does she have to lie about her size?

  • lindy - 9 years ago

    Kristie - Kudos for keeping it up - dancing and dieting - you look terrific. But the size -- I think they meant '16' instead of '6', but perhaps there's special sizing or shopping for actors we commoners don't know about - remember when Oprah was a size 10 when she weighed about 200? I want to shop where they shop!

  • bre - 9 years ago

    I agree she's so not a size six cuz im a size six and she's way bigger than me but if she wants to believe that oh well.........But she looks gorgoeus and she knows how 2 shake her booty go ahead Kristie shake that money maker.................;)

  • Tx Flamingo - 9 years ago

    REALLY LIKE KIRSTIE....but she must not know how to read numbers...there is NO WAY she is a size 6...please....Just like the last time she lost weight and said she lost 75 lbs.... again NO WAY. but having said this...she looks great...I enjoy watching her...and hope she reaches a size 6 if that makes her happy...size 2...can't imagine!!!

  • Jaguwar - 9 years ago

    yeah, definitely not a size 6, but tonight they recapped the 1st week of dancing (where she was clearly confident as she was, thank you!) , then we got to look at her again and boy! What a difference!

    I'd say she's a size 12 or so. Not 20, that's about where she started. I think she lost 6 dress sizes.

    Go Kirstie!

  • pezlover - 9 years ago

    I agree she has lost weight but she is no size 6 not even close to a 6

  • almost there - 9 years ago

    A size 20 maybe. a size 12 or 2 or 6 in her dreams.

  • Lynne - 9 years ago

    She has lost weight but, she is definitely no size 6

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