How do you think they should set up the new wild card round of a 10 team playoff format?

Posted 8 years.


  • Tiss - 8 years ago

    Yeah Bud Selig is the main person who is against games in November. And it wouldn't be AS difficult if they didn't let the tv networks get involoved - but the networks want the World Series to start on a Wed night rather than a Saturday night because it's aparently better for ratings, otherwise it could have started on the 22nd instead of the 19th. They forget about they game becasue they're so focused on the business. :(

  • Droz - 8 years ago

    The owners and players are already complaining about the WS running into November. To add another level to the playoffs is ridiculous. Soon, it'll end up like hockey where just about every team makes it to the playoffs.

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