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  • Mr. Idont wantthe governmentknowing myname - 9 years ago

    Why do you refuse to put the most legitamate candidate on your ballot? This is biased yellow journalism if I've ever seen it. Ron Paul is the champion of both liberals and conservatives. Give me 20 minutes and I can talk anybody into believing in liberty and personal responsibility. That being said, if people don't see dr. Paul on these little polls they probably don't even know he is running due to biased media outlets like fox news. I vote for PAUL! Because voting for Paul is voting for liberty.

  • mickeywhite - 9 years ago

    Ron Paul

  • Tammy - 9 years ago

    You forgot Ron Paul....I know it was deliberate. I don't know why you and your organization don't want a legit vote. Very pathetic and indicative of the neo-conservative influence your site obviously supports.

  • Michael - 9 years ago

    WOW, you left out Ron Paul, the only real conservative running. Voting for neocons and showboats like Trump will hand Obombya another term. Way to go RINO'S!!!! USA USA USA

  • jack - 9 years ago

    Without a doubt, Palin is the smartest, most politically savay politician in America today. No one can hold a candle to her ( period )

  • Carol Geary - 9 years ago

    I dont think anyone that run for President last time against Obama has a chance we need a new face and to me that Man is John Bolton the ex ambassador to the Un. he's very informed about what is going on in this Country as far as the middle East mess. I also Like Glenn beck He is one of the most intelligent People I know, also love Sara Palin but she has so much pres against her I just dont know she' a very intelligent Woman. We also need to get eyond politics our Country needs toget back to our God.

  • Pick a Winner - 9 years ago

    I agree that we need to pick someone who can win. Trump cannot. He has too much baggage and the media will have a field day with him. Plus he lost all credibility with me in '08 when he announced George W. Bush was the worst President in history and Obama will do a great job. Although I like her and her message, I don't believe Sarah Palin can win either - too many have a negative overall impression of her. My dream ticket is Allen West/Marco Rubio. West has the strength and courage to say what he means and act on it. The media will have fits trying to condemn him without appearing "racist". They certainly won't be able to mock him the way they do Palin. His knowledge and integrity speak volumes and matched with Rubio, I think would be unbeatable.

  • John Galt - 9 years ago

    Ron Paul is my pick as he is the only one of these people that has a 100% Constitutional voting record. Dr. Paul and Gary Johnson are the only ones can get the independents and civil libertarians on the left, especially after Obama's War in Libya! If having to choose between the two of them, Dr. Paul is the better candidate as he is pro-life and Governor Johnson is pro-death.

    Trump has used the coercive power of government to violate private property rights when he used eminent domain to confiscate privately owned real estate in order to expand one of his properties.

    End the wars, get back to real money, defend the border, and stop the theft that we call taxation.


  • Victor Woodward - 9 years ago

    It would be helpful if the error of '08 was not repeated.
    It is most important to, at the very least, back one with a realistic chance of winning. Four more years of Obama will irrevocably change the face of this Republic and the stakes are just too high to risk that. This man's mark on our government must be wiped clean. His lot of marxists must be purged from power. Anyone with common sense and the backbone to fight is ample material if they can win. 2016 will be time enough for the ideological primary purging.
    We need to win the W.H. and the Senate and unravel obama's marxist transformation.
    Trump can win. He resonates with most Americans. He has proven he is up to the fight. He will not shy away from going eyeball to eyeball with the little marixst in chief. He has proven he is not afraid of being labeled a racist, therefore removing their most powerful weapon. Today he makes the republican professional political class look like the spineless jellyfish they are. A Trump-Palin ticket just might get the fireworks started.

  • Randald K. Bartlett - 9 years ago

    We have had the best and brightest. Look were we are now. I for one don`t want a politision, a Sarah Palin, or a Glenn Beck would do me fine.

  • Marian Scirrotto - 9 years ago

    We need some one with the knowledge of Col Allen West, This man is so brilliant that I have no doubt that he could change this country back . I have yet to hear to see or hear him say anything wrong, he has a strong soul and strong convictions .
    I feel we as Americans have the right to draft him in.. Go to this site and listen to this amazing leader : http://www.sodahead.com/united-states/history-repeats-itself-a-grass-roots-movement-similar-to-the-one-that-drafted-ike-eisenhower-to-run/question-1684501/

  • Robert Fallin - 9 years ago

    Given Ron Paul's showings at CPAC and other straw polls, your exclusion of him from your ballot smacks of hypocrisy. This is likewise true of your exclusion of Donald Trump, even though Trump wouldn't make a good dog catcher, much less president.

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