Lent Madness 2012


  • Rev. Nancy Noall - 12 years ago

    Back operation kept me from full participation this year, but lots of fun. I am retired but shared it with former parishioners who enjoyed it as well.
    Thanks for all your work. Learning is better with fun!

  • Rev. Pam Sten - 12 years ago

    Thanks so much for offering Lenten Madness; it was lots of fun! I hope to encourage some of my parishioners to join in next year; they could learn so much more about our saints than I can preach once a week at 7 AM mid-week to my four or five faithful early-birds! I like Elaine's idea of established Episcopal saints from LFF with the proposed Holy Women/Holy Men. Maybe: "Traditional vs Emergent Saints, 2012" You're on your way! One question I have for you, priest to priest: (shhhhh!) How did you have the energy to write this questionnaire on the day after Easter? I was still trying to get off the couch after my exhausting Holy Week and Easter services! Keep up the good work!
    Your former Seabury classmate,

  • Rev. Elaine Reichert - 12 years ago

    I really enjoyed playing Lenten Madness. How about a match-up next year between the already sainted and those proposed for Holy Men/Holy Women?

  • Elizabeth Ring - 12 years ago

    Madness makes learning such fun! I like the idea, for one year anyway, of focusing on the proposed people. It has been interesting to look at the SCLM blog and see some of the questions that people are raising about the proposeds.

    Thanks for creating Madness. It is a lot of work for you and a good resource for the rest of us.

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