Should Marr Be Allowed To Continue As An Interviewer


  • Stuart - 12 years ago

    Please correct me if I am wrong, but didn't AM take over from Andrew Gilligan who was sacked by the BBC for telling the truth? If this is the case, what does this tell us about the character of the BBC?

  • Cassandrina - 12 years ago

    Not ever sure about the bias of Marr as he normally encourages usual BBC leftie tracts but changes spots occassionally.
    Can think of plenty of others who should get their P45's and move on to the Guardian - Caroline Quinn, Shaun Laye, James Naughty, etc etc.
    Lets see if Marr can cover his future antics with glory and not mar himself further.
    Loved the "interview" with Lyons yesterday on You and Yours where he gave a propaganda speech on his 4 year misrule of the BBC, and claimed to have invented the ipod and introduced it into the BBC. Stupid fart is trying for the House of Lords - but Steve Jobs will be unpleasantly surprised.
    Also he conceded that the BBC "may" have a bias to the left - idiot was put in charge to ensure this was on course.

  • Tory Twerp - 12 years ago

    Oh I'm ever so sorry,I thought that this was the referendum on AV,and I voted yes

  • Samee - 12 years ago

    Why should he keep his job? I recall Angus Deyton losing his when he become the centre of the story on HIGNFY.

  • Ampers Taylor - 12 years ago

    The thing I find hard to believe is his arrogance in automatically believing the nipper was his. Unless, of course, he didn't and just wanted, out of the goodness of his heart, to pay for his sex by looking after the child. Then instead of being an arrogant fool, he would only be a generous fool.

  • Mike Hodder - 12 years ago

    I ( and thousands more ) knew about this some while back - perhaps a year or two ago. I must have picked it up on the web, a podcast or whatever. I was most amused that he had been paying for a child that was not his!
    If these injunctions cost 'a few tens of thousands' then just where does the money go? The solicitor gets a cut, as they always do, but does the judge get a special payment? Just how does the money get divided up?

  • Sam Butler - 12 years ago

    I think Andrew Marr has handled the situation with suitable aplomb and dignity. He has shown courage and integrity (albeit not to his wife) while receiving some fairly stern criticism.

    If that is indeed the Andrew Marr above, can I just say that I thoroughly enjoyed 'My Trade' and 'The Making of Modern Britain'.

    Keep it up!

  • Paul Parkinson - 12 years ago

    So, one strike and you're out eh? Give the guy a abreak. He acted like a tosser, got busted, confessed he'd been a tosser and is moving on.

  • Andy Marr - 12 years ago

    I say this is an awful poll.

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