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  • Danny Ackerman - 9 years ago

    The website was not to my satisfaction; I'm afraid it does not pass in my standards. For one thing, it is much too simple. I believe that every website representing a proper establishment should contain an organized site map and a powerful, secure firewall. Many security holes I have found in the coding. Also, they should allow an interactive, "fun" user interface. A website for children to use for a school will need a creative system for accessing different sections. For example, I would make the cursor do an animation when clicking on the different sections.

    The general layout of the Germantown Friends School website was so-so, as it is easy to access the main events of the school. I do not enjoy how all of the paragraphs and texts are in a simple, double spaced font. Children do not enjoy a website without a creative font. Perhaps the text can be changed to be in, say, the Harry Potter font?

    In general, I think the website can be much improved, in the style of this website:


    or this one


    Please do not take this as an insult, Tunde Sogo. I only wish to convey some suggestions so that I can make a difference in the way that young children learn.

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