Can rainbows (and other natural phenomena) be signs from God?


  • Cat Schreifels - 1 year ago

    Driving with family toward Andrews,Texas at 12, ,we encountered a big, very rainy thunderstorm. A rainbow suddenly appeared, we drove through the end of that rainbow! While there was no pit of gold, it did seem to stick to our rear chrome bumper and bounced along with us for several miles. How? Why? I’ve never gotten an answer to my questions, but my mother and father and younger brother saw it, too.

  • Eric McLaughlin - 3 years ago

    Very thoughtful read. I realize this post is old, but am wondering if you’ve still found the rainbow to be symbolic of changes or blessings in your journey? I had a similar experience in the past and tonight I saw a rainbow while wrestling with some heavy thoughts about the future. I wasn’t looking for a sign or expecting one, which is why I trust that it may be one.

  • LeeAnn Hewitt - 4 years ago

    I was doubting my faith last night. I asked for a sign. I didn't expect anything. Today I saw the clearest, brightest, full double rainbow I have ever seen. I can't think of any way to doubt it.

  • Jaynie Morgan - 5 years ago

    I see that this is an older post, but I had something happen last evening that I've never experienced. I all my life have been fascinated by rainbows. As a young girl I even decorated my entire room in rainbows. I have a fascination for them and each time I see them I am amazed at their beauty and mystery.

    While going to meet friends for dinner last evening, it was raining but still daylight. I told my boyfriend to look how beautiful the rainbow was and he responded, I'd best keep my eyes on the road. I like a child marveled at it but didn't say anything more other than I love rainbows. Within 3 minutes, the rainbow was touching the front of the vehicle. I was so very stunned as it stayed on the vehicle for about 1 minute. I said to him that I had never in my 52 years seen anything like it and that I didn't really know you could reach the end of a rainbow. I even made the comment of it being a pot of gold at the end an I felt he was a treasure. I haven't been able to quit thinking about it.
    We went to church prior to driving out to dinner, and lit a candle for my son who is a Marine and that has been struggling through a difficult time. I am not catholic and I do not attend church often.......It just really has me thinking.
    Thanks for letting me share

  • Jackie Bautista - 5 years ago

    Just wanted to thank you for posting about rainbow​s. I've been going through a stressful time and to see a beautiful bright rainbow right over my neighbor's house reminded me that God is with me through the storms of life.

  • HeAther H - 6 years ago

    I have been going thru some really bad trials and false accusations of people who want to hurt me. I prayed to God twice. My literal words of my prayers were.. God let me see a rainbow in all my rain. Both time I saw double rainbows the days after I prayed each time. God is real. And He answers us

  • Stacey - 8 years ago

    I so believe one day out of no where there was a rain now over our front yard it was as high as our house, it went from the edge of one side of our yard an ended on the other side of our yard which included our drive way. We got pictures of this an could not believe if there was no rainbow anywheres else. We moved into the home about a yr before an felts this home was a new start for our family. I pray everyday it's going to be mostly good from here on out. God bless an God be with everyone.

  • Carolyn Mcneill - 8 years ago

    The Lord come to ne n a Dream I remember the dream as If I dreamed It last night I was a baby age 2yrs old The lord walks up to me ask me if I wanted to play I respond yes he holds my left hand we began to walk I look at his feet and SANDLES, I notice his SANDLES and feet were very clean I then notice the robe he has on is so white and bright I see his hair but not his face his face was like blurred his hair like FIRERY red we get to this beautiful rainbow he picks me up put me on the RAINBOW he gets behind me and he ask are u ready I respond yes at the same time we both say WEEEEEEEEE as the RAINBOW takes off like a ROLLER COASTER and then I awake so yes RAINBOWS are a sign from god I haven't seen a RAINBOW in years my siblings and I would see them every time it rain I'm 46 years old too this day I believe RAINSBOWS are a sign from GOD and LORD CHRIST JESUS

  • 2Fabulous4You - 8 years ago

    Come on people. Everyone knows rainbows are a sign that God is having gay sex.

  • FSM - 8 years ago

    You're all wrong. It was my doing
    I bless you all with my noodly appendages. I have boiled for your sins. Praise my holy meatballs and I shall not send you to the boiling pot below. Ramen.

  • 666 Satan Lova - 8 years ago

    It's not a sign from God. It's a sign from our Lord Satan.

  • Kaitlyn - 8 years ago

    So many idiots.

  • lynn smith - 8 years ago

    I asked god for a sign and on the 26th of November 2014 I saw 5 half rainbows and on that day I gave my heart to god and a full rainbow appeared in front of me.from that day on I know that god is with me in all I do and I am shortly going to be baptised so I can begin my new life with him and I feel so excited and happy that at last I have found him.

  • Nadine - 8 years ago

    I had the same thing happen to me... That's why I googled "is a rainbow a sign" I got to your blog and I don't know if this means anything to you but you just confirmed a feeling and a question that I had. My question to God was. God please give me a sign so I know that it is you who is showing the way. In the last 2 months it is as if rainbows have been following me. And every time I see one I just pray . Thank you... Because I know it's from Him

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