Is the Motorola XOOM a success or failure (based on shipments)?

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  • Jack - 13 years ago

    I have an iPad and a Xoom and both devices are great. I prefer the Xoom mostly because the Android OS (Honeycomb) is pretty flexable compare to iOS on the iPad. The Xoom is the closest thing to a computer I have seen on any tablet. IOS reminds me of Windows 3.1 with icons everywhere. Honeycomb has icons to but it also supports widgets. There are quite a few widgets available... The Xoom also has a cleaner notification system similar to Windows 7. The Xooms browser is better then the ipad browser by far. Its faster, it has tabbed browsing and it supports flash. Another big one is the fact your application info is saved in the cloud with Android. I had issues when a friend activated there new iPad on my computer. Huge nightmare and many calls to Apple to resolve the issue.

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