What do you think of Princess Beatrice's Philip Treacy fascinator?


  • joy - 13 years ago

    It really doesn't look like either of the two princess's have had a lot of input on fashion sense or their knowledge of makeup. Why, I wonder, did their father or their mother not have a stylist there to ready them, for at least hair and makeup, and a stylist for clothes that they would need at any given time and not just the royal wedding . He I'm sure is not lacking in his pocket for taking care of his daughters, even if their mother is shunned, you'd think even she would know a little something about the time it takes to take care of any daughter, most especially when your daughters are princesses, and obviously have to attend some gathering or dinners at the palace or anything to do with royal business. They are, after all the Queens granddaughters.
    At first I laughed at the obviously, terrible mistake on the front of her forehead. But then sympathy struck, because I think she thought it was great, and after looking around seeing the rest of the Grand people invited, hers was not the only horrific mistake.

  • Elaine Turner - 13 years ago

    Who cares about the hate? Her DRESS is more atrocious.

  • Brandy Herbert - 13 years ago

    Yes I think that hat is tragic. However, to each their own. Everyone has their own taste in fashion. Look at many of the singers and other high profile people. So Rock on Princess and don't change the person you are.

  • jazzy - 13 years ago

    She is lovely. And everyone dresses how they feel beautiful royal or not She is a human being with defects and errors. No one is perfect. hope more people can have the courage she has to put on whatever she feels comfortable with.

  • dz - 13 years ago

    While I thought her hat was UGLY, I had a difficult time even looking at her face. Her eye makeup looked like she hadn't washed her face in days and it had turned her eyes BLACK. How terribly sad, as she is probably an attractive young lady.

  • anna - 13 years ago

    I also don't think one should blame the hat. I feel bad for the guy who made it. Shouldn't he have a say on who wears his creations? She's done some serious damage to his trade, surely!? Then again, if you can't control who wears your designs, perhaps you should limit your designs to one more than one or two people on the planet can pull off.

  • sparky - 13 years ago

    Sorry, but this hat takes away from the princesses features rather than enhancing her
    Anglo-Saxon features!

  • Dianna - 13 years ago

    Very different, modern and whimsicle. Something you would see on a fashio runway. Inappropriate for a royal, elegant wedding. I am sure she did it to mock the royalty due to her mother be shuned.

  • Freddie - 13 years ago

    It wasn't that bad. cutting edge. The slurs are more for the person wearing the hat and that is a shame.

  • BOBK - 13 years ago


  • pondbug - 13 years ago

    Cinderella always had less apealing relatives, i don't know if they wore hats though, it's probably a modern version.

  • Wonderer - 13 years ago

    Beatrice's hat was but a sad statement saying "look at me!"

  • jistme - 13 years ago

    A hat like that on a young woman her age makes me wonder more about her mama than it does about her. That is some serious attention seeking behavior.

  • Wyandotte - 13 years ago

    Y'all don't get it - she was funnin' you! She KNOWS it's a nutty hat! Aristocratic English women have long had a reputation for forehead-mounted, goofy hats! She said to herself, what the hell, I'm going to carry this trend to its logical conclusion.

    Long live Princess Beatrice!

  • kate - 13 years ago

    Sad to see those two girls have taken after their mother. With too much eye makeup and the headgear she looked like one parent was racoon and the other reindeer. Um, you'd think those girls would be well used to cruel comments or just comments generally and know what is going to get people excited, or not. They would have plenty of advisers!
    Perhaps they thought: "bring it on!"

  • JDC - 13 years ago

    Um. I was shocked and dismayed by the fwd view. The profile, however, is downright alien! After reading the article I returned to the top of the page and was struck with a sudden wave of awe and deep impression as I realized the stoic seriousness on the royal guard to the right! How the heck did he not crack even the tiniest smile????

  • Mcross - 13 years ago

    I think Beatrice and her sister probably thought they looked beautiful. They may wear hats so much that in an effort to do something special for the wedding, they went all out...way out. I hope they aren't too hurt by all these cruel comments. They are just young girls and I am certain they may even have feelings. And, I agree with the person who said wearing the hat back more on here head with the bow actually laying horizontally might be very nice. Just imagine if it were you everyone was shocked about.....

  • Larkin - 13 years ago

    When I first saw Beatris' headdress I admit I was a bit shocked. To me it looked like it was inspired by a beer can pop-top crowned with a big-O-bow. Really, though, almost all the hats and fascinators were a bit on the bizarre-ish side when you truly examined them and they're a great lot of fun actually. I think it's clear that Brits have an admirable capacity for tickling fancies and don't take themselves anywhere near as seriously as a lot of people think they do. And, I thought it was charming that Queen Elizabeth opened up her private closet to share her couture granny-wear with darling Eugenie. Bless. Her. Heart.

  • Alfred - 13 years ago

    Wow, that hat is a shocker but I think the raccoon eyes is the bigger problem. But let's keep this all in perspective. All the hats were crazy and that's the fun of it. If you can't laugh at the whole ridiculousness of the situation then that is the biggest problem of all. I think the funniest comment was how much the two sisters remind us of the stereotypical evil step sisters from Cinderella.

  • carla - 13 years ago

    Looks like Dr. Seuss got loose with this one

  • Diane Louise - 13 years ago

    These two "princesses" and their father need to get on a Weight Watchers regime - and would someone please step in and take over their choices in clothes? The only word I can think of that's not too nasty would be "frumpy." Perhaps their mother encouraged these outfits in revenge for not being invited.

  • Suess - 13 years ago

    I would love to see it if she wore it on the back of her head - I think it might actually look quite nice that way.

  • Christie - 13 years ago

    I liked it. I thought it was fun and young. I'm glad she wore it.

  • Lori - 13 years ago

    OMG...aren't those types of hats reserved for the royal ascot races..the more ridiculous the better

  • Battyhatty - 13 years ago

    Can't blame the hat - it's the fright that's wearing it - talk about the two ugly sisters - tell them they were at a wedding not a pantomine.

  • Tiffany Beckwith-Skinner - 13 years ago

    I'm starting to groove on it...
    Beatrice is saying something, through art.
    It is pretty ...in form
    ... and she doesn't give a damn...
    Which is wonderful.
    Look out for the Multiracial monarch Butterfly hat

    Do keep amusing us young lady

  • oldbill - 13 years ago

    Good choice. Melding of the families. Actually looks like a gussied up whoopie cushion stuck on her head. Something Kate's parents could probably sell for 20£ on party.com, or whatever it's called. A strike against snobbism in any case.

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