Should Cassie Be A Spokesmodel For Black Hair Products?


  • La - 12 years ago

    I don't care about Cassie being a spokesperson for them. However, I think they could have done a better job displaying more than one hue of black women. Carol's Daughter has gone mainstream and in attempts to further their brand, it seems they are doing what so many black businesses tend to do, let the corporate world infiltrate and warp them. I couldn't care less if Cassie is a spokesperson. But they shouldn't forget the brown skinned and dark skinned women either.

  • Black sista again. - 12 years ago

    I think these polls are rigged to make it look like black women hate on each other. I doubt anyone really cares about her being on the cover. Who exactly was complaining? The person who made this poll.

  • Black sista - 12 years ago

    It seems the products are meant for all hair types so what does her ethnicity have t do with it? She is pretty she is a model and part black which is mostly the market Carols Daughter is focused on. Anyone that has a problem is just hating thinking that will some how boost darker or courser haired models ability to get jobs. By the way I am dark brown with nappy hair.
    Thank you!

  • Shunda - 12 years ago

    I feel that the comments that have been made about Casssie not being a good spokes person for Carol's Daughter are so silly. To me, it just shows the insecurity that black women hold so deep within themselves; lets just call it what it is (hate). I am a black woman who looks at the black female race as a whole and I feel that Cassie is just as good of a representative as any. This promotion is not about complexion it is about hair care and she just happens to be the one to get the job. Her skin complextion has nothing to do with selling products. There are women with dark complexions who have naturally curly and wavy hair and there are some women with light complexions who have more thicker, coarse hair. Please my sisters, if we start to act as if we love ourselves regardless of our skin complextion then others will embrace that as well. Lets stop cutting each other down; this is why others call us bitter and say that we can't get or keep a man; we are fighting against ourselves. Please, lets stop this crusade of "I am against you because I am light and you are dark" and vise versa. Ladies lets step up our game and let the world know we are a force to be rocognized because we are beatiful inside and out and we celebrate each other beauty.

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