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  • S. Rattlehead - 8 years ago

    AirPush is bullshit and I hate it mean I have to pay almost $200 a month for my cell phone bill and most of that is thanks to AirPush. Before these adds started blowing up my status bar my cell phone bill was mutch cheaper, that and not to mention the software on my phone is all F*cked up because of these damn AirPuch adds have crashed my phone multiple times. AirPush...I F*CKING HATE YOU!!!

  • Todd - 8 years ago

    I wasn't even aware of Airpush until I got one of their notification bar spam ads. After a little research I found a free app called "Airpush Detector" that will show you any apps you have installed that use Airpush. In my case it was a game my son installed called "Angry Monkey"; immediately uninstalled.

  • edhe - 8 years ago

    If this happens then android will die.

  • Gary - 8 years ago

    I agree with all that's been said. I have been in IT for almost 32 years, and we never implement technology for technology sake. just because it CAN be doneir, doesn't mean it SPILL It must make the customers happy as well as have a strong business reason. I do now and will continue to pay developers for their hard work. I will also strongly reject and fight against any application that supports Airbuses model.

  • ellett - 8 years ago

    Let us all hope that Google promptly removes any and all applications that implement AirPush. If there is not currently a Google policy to handle this situation, let us hope they implement such a policy ASAP. The notification bar should remain inviolate.

  • ellett - 8 years ago

    I will not install any application that implements AirPush or any similar means of serving advertisements. I will not buy any application that implements this on its free version. I will rate any such application with the worst possible rating. I will flag any such application as spam.

    I invite anyone else who thinks similarly to email sales@airpush.com and tell them what you think.

    I consign the executive team at airpush.com to the h*e*l*l from which they came.

  • Rancor102 - 8 years ago

    I agree with all of you, terrible idea. Unfortunately, if devs end up making money at this there will be no escaping to another OS as it will bet there too. Like Musk said, we will just have to sort out the bad ones. I don't believe for a second it would remain an Android exclusive. Apps that use the notification bar for adds may be the telemarketers and spamers of the future but I'm guessing they won't last long. Hopefully a "do not notify list" will quickly follow this new twist on invasive advertising. That said, I just won't download the app.

  • Musk - 8 years ago

    Yes it's a terrible idea, but it would just mean that I would avoid certain apps. I for one would never instal any app that did this and always look for an alternative. I have bought dozens of paid apps, so I have no problem with devs making money, but this sort of thing would be too invasive. If this tech ever became massively common, then I'd just stop using an android and move on to IOS or Phone 7.

  • i486Girl - 8 years ago

    I was livid as well until I read how end users had zero tolerance and the dev who implemented it cried uncle. Devs might as well allow advertisers to send you spam text messages, it's the same thing! Indeed, devs, take note: you will be black listed.

  • tlkoontz - 8 years ago

    I am *LIVID* at the mere suggestion of Airbus((y)! I can't think of anything that would make me toss my Thunderbolt into the nearest canal and sprint to the nearest Apple store any faster! ...now, I need a fu#@ing Xanax!

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