'Two and a Half Men' should ...

  • Dede - 11 years ago

    Bring Charlie back, replacing him will not work for this show, leaving Charlie off would suck, but the spin-off show would be great idea, Allen, Jake, & Berta, don't forget Berta, she's the best.

  • Bryan J. Capen, D.C. - 11 years ago


    Just wanted to share an idea, sorry if I offended you. As for my manner of writing, well it is what it is, long winded. As well for the official record, after a long days work and a few glasses of coffee I probably could have fresher breath. But truthfully finding the few extra moments to brush my teeth outside of before work and at lunch is difficult as the patients that I work for keep me very busy. :-)
    What is most interesting to note is that I work in a practice that does not accept medical insurance, we operate a CASH only pracitce. As for you imagining what it might be like to be treated by me, you may want to take a trip to Thailand and ask some of the patients I treat, you will have plenty of people to talk to.
    For the record, and based upon my previous comment, while I practiced in America, I never found success. I found alot of "assembly line practices", essentially where every patient was x-rayed (regardless of their history and physical exam findings), then informed they have subluxations, and then they, would bill the hell out of insurance company. I strongly disagreed with this racket style of practice and do to this indifference I spent most of my years there doing research reviews in search of further understanding how spinal manipulation works. Hence the suggestion for providing current research for the chiropractor in the show.
    Speaking of which I believe that medical insurance is the underlying problem in our medical system. In the state of Michigan, Blue Cross Blue Shield has more employees than does our federal government, of which none of them deliver any form of health care, yet get payed by Americans health care dollars? Hows that for an IDEA!
    I would love to write more this morning, but I have a coffee calling my name and a clinic full of patients awaiting my arrival. I wish you the best in whatever your endeavor.

    With Care,

    Bryan J. Capen, D.C.

    p.s. since you wont post your actuall name is it O.K. if I call you the activator....dildo, oops, bilbo. click, click, click..........touche.


  • apache - 11 years ago

    Ya think Lorre and his cadre of morons will get the hint from this poll. These corporate fat cats are the despicable ones, not Sheen. I don't do drugs and I don't screw whores, nor do I condone either, but these Hollywood bigwigs ooze liberal Nanny Sate "I know what's good for you so listen to my condescending "let me run your life" platitudes. I hope they reboot the show without Sheen and it bombs worse than Hiroshima. Personally I'll never watch a Chuck Lorre production again. And if he were my boss, I'd probably be in county for a 364 day stint for assault. POS!

  • Bilko - 11 years ago

    Can you imagine being stuck getting an adjustment from the chiropractor (Bryan J. Capen D.C.) above? Nightmare. Annoying, long-winded, a real "idea" man. Probably has bad breath, too! Then he'll "adjust" the bill so you don't have to pay a dime -- he'll just rip off the insurance company. I am sure the reason they chose the profession of chiropractors are because of cliches like you!

  • JS - 11 years ago

    I am so sick of hearing about Charlie and his drugs and alcohol abuse! I think it's great that he lost his job, just as any of us would if we showed up to worked halfed-baked and reaking of alcohol! Noboby is above rules, and everyone is replaceable - eventually, it all catches up and it caught up to Charlie. The name of the show wasn't "Charlie and half-men", it's "Two and a half men"...Nameless! Everyone is replaceable!!! I hope the show proves that to everyone that developes a 'God-complex" thinking they are irreplaceable. Good luck to Charlie Sheen, hope he gets his act together, learns a little humility and learns to think before he speaks!

  • Carol Ernhoffer - 11 years ago

    I always thought that Jon , Angus and the rest of the cast were the ones that made the show and they made Charlie look good. I honestly think it will survive without Charlie. Please don't cancel. This is the best show that has come along in a long time.

  • andyoo - 11 years ago

    bring sheen back.
    the only funny plot is sheen and his brother, plus sheen and hot chick.
    We were watching sheen's real life and that's what the show is about
    The fat kid is not cute anymore and is borderline annoying .
    just one nervious brother is not funny when the relax brother(sheen) is not there.
    If they don't want sheen , then just kill the show cause I ain't watching no replacement.
    If you want to make the money, get sheen back. or else , close the darn show and show me something else.

  • Bryan J. Capen, D.C. - 11 years ago

    The show has always struck my interest t as I am a Chiropractor and a musician. Yet it kind of boggled me as to how and why Charlie was the richer of the two brothers, he never showed any real musical ability, and for that matter seemed to be rather irresponsible, well with everything.

    I believe the show could rebound well, if the Chiropractor, I don't know, lets say discovered some research that unveils how Chiropractic really works, subsequently leading to a great deal of wealth and success. This would place him into a position whereas he no longer needed his brothers support.

    To deal with Charlies dismissal, let real life and consequence blend into the show, the musician could have overdosed on his closet addiction to cocaine and pain killers,leading to a long bout in a rehab center. This revelation could allow the Chiropractor to realize that even if his brother recovers that a living environment with an addict would be no place for his son. As well since he now has financial success he doesn't require the support his brother previously provided.

    As anyone who experiences it knows with success comes, money, with money comes "friends", dates, beautiful women...... As all of the old footage is still owned by the company, might be used as the chiropractor reflects on his brother while he is going through the trials and tribulations of success, remembering his musician brothers past "advice" and decisions.

    It is about time the Chiropractor is portrayed in a role that is a bit more realistic, let his charecter find success, and maybe way later when his brother loses everything, allow him to come back and do a cameo a musician is most likely to be, a starving arstist.

    I would be happy to provide a manuscript of a current research that conveys a logical and surprisingly biochemical relationship to the effects of Chiorpractic, or spinal manipulative therapy.

    Just a thought.

    Bryan J. Capen, D.C.

  • Anonymous - 11 years ago

    You really had to ask this.

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