Which song would you like Muse to play at Reading/Leeds Festival? (Poll Closed)

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  • RayFan9876 - 9 years ago

    Unintended! That would seriously be the most amazing thing ever.

  • Carles - 9 years ago

    OMG too difficult to choose... I'd choose Muscle Museum of course but Matt lost the pedals needed to play it live so... maybe Dead Star, Assassin (fucking amazing live) or Hoodoo (just fucking beautiful). I think I will choose Hoodoo :)

  • adr - 9 years ago

    easily please!

  • Rodrigo L. - 9 years ago

    ESCAPE!!! Am I the only one who thinks this is the best Muse song EVER?! It sounds even better live (I remember when they used to play it many years ago). Matt's voice has improved a lot since then. I'd love to hear it live at least one more time! How can anyone not love love love this song?!

  • Mav aiacagher - 9 years ago

    neuTROLL star collision, PLIIIIIIIZ!!!!!!!111

    (they won't care anyway)

  • Leyla - 9 years ago

    THIS IS TOO HARD I have been on this site for about half hour trying to decide which one, thank god I'm done. Hate This!

  • PwoperDeeZIM - 9 years ago

    X( How am I supposed to pick from all of these? They're all so AWESOME...oh wait, I did pick :3 Muscle Museum FTW!

  • MonztA - 9 years ago

    Assassin! Hasn't been played for years and is effin killer live!

  • Alexander - 9 years ago


  • Nathan - 9 years ago

    You know, I don't think the normal songs should be votable on this poll. I don't think its fair to have songs like The Groove and Dead Star, which only real fans have heard, next to "Undisclosed Desires," which 5000 fan girls will vote for. Ugh.

  • sara - 9 years ago

    Undisclosed Desires PLEASE!

  • sery - 9 years ago

    spiral static!

  • marie - 9 years ago

    yeah,spiral static is so bloody awesome song

  • Xaverri - 9 years ago

    Where's "Yes Please"? It's on the same Album as Hyper Chondriac Music and you put that on it as well.

    Thanks for the initiative, would be fun to see how diverse the Musers vote :)

  • Nataly - 9 years ago

    Futurism is great song! why not playing it?

  • qua - 9 years ago

    i never see spiral static live.. it's beautiful song!

  • Tyo - 9 years ago

    never see "Falling Away With You" Live version

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