What's behind the cracks


  • Silvério - 12 years ago

    "Hattrick Open" - what a disappointment...

  • Brambee - 12 years ago

    be carefull what you wish for. If you want Chuck Norris in your competition, well, try your luck

  • gozuri - 12 years ago

    I hope all of them are right :D
    Hattrick would get much popular then it is allready ;)

  • brambee - 12 years ago

    @Fractalboy Actually, Chuck Norris would be first and second, ever. We all would play against ourselves, and lose because Chuck Norris would do a roundhousekick in all our faces at the same time. Then he eats Hattrick for dessert.

  • Fractalboy - 12 years ago

    I don't recall Chuck Norris being announced. He'd ruin it anyway---who won the World Cup? Chcuk Norris. Who won the Masters Cup? Chuck Norris. Everyone'd be playing for second.

  • Silvério - 12 years ago

    @Roelf Everything (actually almost everything) in that list as announced a long time ago.

    My guest: possible new skins...

  • Roelf Oving - 12 years ago

    Alltid integration, which was announced a long time ago.

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