Who's verse is your favorite on 'Worldwide Choppers'?

  • 1 - 9 years ago

    Ceza was amazing! His style is flawless. Ceza's flow fits the beat perfectly. He leaves you cravin for more.
    Real recognize real.
    Salute from Amsterdam!

  • Mike - 10 years ago

    Twista has by far the best English verse on this track. Tech was a close second but as far as consistant lyrics and flow, TWISTA kills it, hands down.

  • Ramazan Aktaş - 10 years ago

    Ceza is the greatest rap idol in Turkey. A very short duration,thats right,but i know this duration was enough to express who the Ceza is.

  • INDESTRUCTIBLE - 10 years ago

    My favourite is Ceza,Techn9ne,Busta Rhymes,Twista Ceza verse is short but first verse good Thank

  • Arkn - 10 years ago

    ceza is a beautiful turkish mc... congratulations CEZA !!

  • Darren Graham Jefferson - 10 years ago

    Hey, it is the best flex song ever. And the best rap song of year with no recommend. I love Busta and Tech. In addition; in this song I see Ceza who has a feat with Tech9 in 2006(Dark Places). His verse short but effective. So, I searched and found this video of him:

    Maaan, this guy is killer. Hope I can find his albums in Canada.

  • Tarık Bayer - 10 years ago

    Ceza n Tech N9ne.
    This is fantastic !!!

  • Ali - 10 years ago


  • ALPAYBARS - 10 years ago

    ALLAH(c.c) her daim yolunu açık eğlesin üstad!

    Birilerinin karalamasına aldırma yaptığın iş birilerine çok iyi koyduğundan laf ediyor dallamalar.
    Zaten parçanın var olan havası senin girişin sayesinde var oluyor yoksa sittinsene açıpta dinlemem tech ve busta hariç diğerlerini...

    Daha da iyi çalışmalara imza atman dileğimle;

    ALLAH(c.c)'a emanet olasın...

  • niko bellic - 10 years ago

    we all proud of CEZA, he is turkısh youngs' face on world scene man, he show us to world as the best..I'm very proud of when I heard his name at somewhere with his successes..Ceza is finished his job at Turkey, now he will be on world scene and everyone will know him..he uses rap as an instrument beside it's turkısh everyone can get impressed..RESPECT CEZA

  • Jack - 10 years ago

    I think Tech9 is the best, but Ceza is so impressive. Ceza starts to sing like a .. Thank you Ceza thank you Tech9.. worldwide chopper song is amazing..

  • yumao - 10 years ago

    This track very sick!!! i can't stop... Tech and Busta very fire.. they are really choppers... and twista..would wait for better...
    and Ceza Asian continent is the best even in europe but this time very short part for decide. conditions are not equal but he also very good starter in this track...it always affects me long or short.. he is a high-quality mc but not in this song because too short..

  • dailydomm - 10 years ago

    I live in Australia, i don't know Turkish but I know Ceza since 8 years. don't known only in Turkey, he known all around of europe.. and i know Tech9 since 2006 through Ceza.. Ceza& tech9 made the feat in 2006 and I knew tech9 at that time... previously Tech9 was known only in USA but tech9 more recognized in Europe after featuring Ceza..

  • Emre Yıldırım - 10 years ago

    Ceza'nın bölümü:
    Sen kalk bimini mikrofonunu get(ir) bak
    Jak burda mikrofonunu tak
    Kağıt kalem birde ilham alınacak
    Tam gaz choppers havada düşman avına çıkalım
    Bakalım hadi bu battle'ı kazanalım.

    Ceza's verse (Translation):
    You stand up, give your a little bit microphone, look
    There's jak, set your microphone,
    Paper, pencil and inspiration will be gotten.
    Full throttle choppers. Let's go to hunt the enemy on air.
    Look, we win this battle.

    Bir hata varsa kusura bakmayın, İngilizce'yi çok iyi bilmiyorum.
    If there is absurdity, I am sorry. I don't know English very well.

  • mayday - 10 years ago

    BEST CHOPPERS OF ALL TIME!! CEZA AND TECH KILLED IT! EVERY ONE KILLED IT!!! and if u want to listen more Ceza& tech9 ..Ceza feat Tech9 DARK PLACES (2006) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmpDMazS8ns

  • WorldWideCrazy - 10 years ago

    this track already legend Busta and Tech9 amaizing and Yellawolf little come forward. everything is hot but woul'd love to more Ceza..
    he's sounds amaizing. different languages but same feels and he uses the himself language very well.. different language but sounds like english.. if had been given more time for him, you would understand what I mean! maybe Tech9 also knew this!! :)

  • Emre Yıldırım - 10 years ago

    What I say. Ceza is the great rapper. We love you. Seni seviyoruz Ceza, bütün Türkiye seninle gurur duyuyor. Ceza's verse:

    Sen kalk bimini mikrofonunu get(ir) bak
    Jak burda mikrofonunu tak
    Kağıt kalem birde ilham alınacak
    Tam gaz choppers havada düşman avına çıkalım
    Bakalım hadi bu battle'ı kazanalım.

  • Twista - 10 years ago

    Tech and Ceza favorite! Two of my favorite super Tech & Ceza and bilateral and have a look at this great Ceza - Holocaust http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAKBo8L2tow

  • Yelawolf - 10 years ago

    Ceza is very very good

  • B.Hodd - 10 years ago

    1. ceza lol

  • Busta Fan's - 10 years ago

    1 very large fan base competition Bravo is taking Ceza!

  • angels - 10 years ago

    Congratulations on your super initially entering Ceza

  • frank - 10 years ago

    oh really CEZA super http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAKBo8L2tow

  • hilfleger - 10 years ago

    super friends, this man or Ceza super!

  • boss - 10 years ago

    Ceza is really excellent

  • boss - 10 years ago

    Ceza is really excellent

  • braynt - 10 years ago

    Ceza I discover new and super- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XAKBo8L2tow

  • michael - 10 years ago

    As an American Ceza really liked it very much follow the super super CEZA legend!

  • Tommy - 10 years ago

    Flex show KİNG CEZA!

  • 3T - 10 years ago

    what is your problem, man Punishment, Twisted, Busta, they do this really well those TechN9ne fuck my English

  • Milim - 10 years ago

    CEZA, All Turkey Love You ...

  • Federica - 10 years ago

    first moments ..intro with Ceza got me pumped for this track and then again, I wanted to hear but didn't. I know him since ''dark places feat Tech'' and in a moment that changed my all thoughts about Rap.. He sounds like a instrument like Tech9.. don't care diffrent language just RAP such as the common language... when I listen to him don't feel diffrent language ..yes different language but sounds like engllish..he deserves respect

    and then Techs and Busta's part are by far the best parts in this song..

    respect to all WWC from Bochum fc

  • semiz - 10 years ago

    This is Turkis Tech9 fanpage ......

  • nib daleb - 10 years ago


    and I would like to hear more CEZA..

  • cannobre - 10 years ago

    It's hard to compare when the lengths of the verses differ so much. Ceza may have generated a bigger impact on people if his verse was longer, but even being a part of this impressive song is a great honor for him, for Turkey and for us, his fans. Nobody in Turkey could dream of a Turkish rapper, appearing in a Tech N9ne album, ten years ago. Now Ceza and Tech N9ne have two songs together -the other one is from Ceza's album "Yerli Plaka" (2006), a song named "Dark Places"- and more of them seem to be coming. I think Turkish rappers and listeners owe Ceza a great deal. He clearly is the number one rapper in Turkish rap history and raising the level of Turkish Rap day by day. I also appreciate Tech N9ne's efforts for the inclusion of Ceza in his new album. As Tech says, "Hit up strange music dog!".

  • İstanbul--where the world begins - 10 years ago

    the track is amazing, especially starting with CEZA, you did the best, thanx for introducing such a big mc to the world tech, world should know CEZA and understand what he says..believe me if he would speak in english, he would harry the world beside he will do it in Turkish anyway...

  • erdi - 10 years ago

    turkey in the best rapper 'fatal rymer ceza' ... :D (çat pat ingilzce )

  • Alican - 10 years ago

    I think !! CeZa!! is incredible.

  • Macedonian SICK fan - 10 years ago

    Ceza was WICKEDD!!! 2 bad his verse waz that short...... Every one WAZ SO RAWWW to chose who the best one is... anyways .... my heart is with TECH!!!

  • Emre TÜFEKÇİ - 10 years ago

    Ceza Türkish Best Rapper

  • Aaron Flowers - 10 years ago

    Man what a terrific song, what can I say first. As far as the verses go, I'm sorry Tech, love ya, but I favor Busta Bust's verse on here, yours is definitely just as great, I just like Busta Rhymes' verse on this track personally. I love how different languages were incorporated on this track, something truly unique, from the most unique artist on the planet. I would have loved to hear a verse from Immortal Technique on this one, he is also a lyrical genius, I'm not sure if he has such a knack for tongue-twisting as needed for this track, but he definitely would have been a great addition for a spanish verse. The hook is absolutely murderous, it's so gritty sounding with emotion behind it. If i'm not mistaken, the beat to this song is a variation of the first Midwest Choppers. Either way, amazing song, Tech N9ne delivers a masterpiece once again.

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