What Is The Best "Choppers" Track?

  • KB-Techn9cian - 11 years ago

    Lets be real the 1st Midwest Choppers is da shit and none of the other choppers compare, Worldwide Choppers is sick i just think more people who dont know shit about techs music are all startin to listen to it now and thats all they know. I have every single album and love every song, tech is all i listen to and all i ever will listen to. Techn9cian 4 LIFE!!!!!!

  • kingcoopa420 - 11 years ago

    midwest choppers 2 is the best. best chorus of em all, and k-dean is sick as fuck. i wasnt feelin the overseas at all lol maybe if i understood em

  • Serving bulletz - 11 years ago

    Can't choose just one u can never choose just one of anything that tech brings whatever tech puts out it's just the best period all his songs are the best

  • Mr.785__IMTA - 11 years ago

    I couldn't just pick right off the bat .
    I had to listen to all three in a row .
    And it went like this .
    MWC1 - Loved that it was only four people on their , and the beat was hella dope .
    MWC2 - Chorus was off the hook , Krazie killed it , Tech killed it and Tech introduced another chopper .
    WWC - Insane beat , dope chorus , had my favorite childhood rapper (Busta) , Nine people on it , and made it sound hella chrisp , and I love that overseas choppers hopped on .
    To me , all three are heavy and hard to choose from ... But , I give the slight hand to WWC , it literally blew my mind when I herd it .

  • G-FR3$H 3six0 - 11 years ago

    This is the best choppers hands down.
    Stone2ThaBone put is very well & said what I wanted to say.
    Seven Summers went all out on this beat. I love this beat it knocks so hard and just Bangs.

  • Stoned 2 Tha Bone - 11 years ago

    I think Worldwide Choppers is by far the greatest out of the choppers. Now don't get me wrong, Midwest Choppers 1 and 2 are insane, but Worldwide Choppers is the "pinnacle" as Tech said. Worldwide Choppers just sums up all the choppers with the best choppers, best beat, and well of course TECH N9NE!!!!!!

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