How Many Genres Do You Read

  • Linda Yezak - 9 years ago

    Lynne, thank for your response! You and I seem to like many of the same authors. I'm a big Sparks fan, and as for Grisham, I've read several of his non-legal novels and really enjoy those as much as his legal thrillers. I just don't like it when he makes his political stance too obvious because he and I don't share the same opinions. I recently found Peritti and *loved* his book! As for Beck, I haven't read him yet, but I like his show.

    Regular posting? Meeting my goals? Uh, well. Let's just wait and see . . .

  • Lynne Wells Walding - 9 years ago

    My favorite genre . . . hmm, let me see. I'd venture to say it's whatever genre I am currently reading. It would be easier to say what's not my favorite.

    I have a little trouble getting into historicals. Not sure why. Just prefer contemporary . . . or going back as far as the fifties. Romance, slightly edgy Christian, mystery, political, memoirs (though I steer clear of anything smacking of Hollywood celebs.)

    It would be easier to name my favorite authors: John Grisham, Nicolas Sparks, Frank Peretti, and Glenn Beck to name a few. And . . . I'm a second and third time reader of the same book if I like it enough.

    Good post, Linda. I love the regularity with which you're posting. (What's a genre? - LOL) Looks like you're living up to your goals. So far . . . :-) Keep up the good work.

    How's mom?

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