Do you expect to have an analog signal path simulation in a standard digital audio plug-in today?

Posted 8 years.


  • Ruby - 8 years ago

    I basically just want a plugin that does what it says it does, whether it has analog signal path simulation or not. I personally feel like this whole thing is getting hyped too much. I've seen plugins that were all about this analog simulation but absolutely sucked at making my mixes better.

    -- What I would like though, as a side-note, is a plugin that is somewhat similar to Airwindows' Desk. But for windows and with your excellent skills, Bootsy. --

  • Nekro - 8 years ago


  • steff - 8 years ago

    who cares as long as it sounds good not all digital things are bad

  • styler - 8 years ago

    Well as long as we still have analogue ears I'd assume what's pleasing to the humans is matter of some concern for the likes of us

  • shay - 8 years ago

    not on EVERY plugin. that will be a step BACK.
    nice to have it as an option, but I heard a few recordings where the sound was just OVER saturated.

  • Jeff - 8 years ago

    I voted "No" but am not an advanced user.

  • susiwong - 8 years ago

    personally I tend to use analog flavours on certain signals atm, not as default.
    if analog signal path is a switchable option, sure, why not ?
    I might just as well insert a dedicated plugin though.
    So no vote from me, sorry.
    the question might gain another dimension in the future regarding hosts, an option to autoload a fine tape sim like FerricTDS in every channel, or similar for complete analog console emulations, could be a wonderful creative option for some (including me), ymmv

  • Tim - 8 years ago

    Uh, a bit vague question, isn't it?
    If plugin deliberately adds some nonlinearities but is not based on any actual measurements — does this qualify as "analog signal path emulation"?
    Anyway I expect a modern plugin to sound great! If that is achieved by means of some analog simulation, so be it.
    On this ground it seems I should vote "no".

  • Leo Saramago - 8 years ago

    It could be put to good use under certain artistic goals, not the basis for every project, though.

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