If the election for Phoenix Mayor was held today who would you vote for?

  • alex - 9 years ago

    I just watched the debate, and having no prior knowledge of any of them: Gullet and Neely are just pathetic whores for the rich, and terrible speakers with old boring dangerous ideas. Mattox seems likable as a person maybe but stanton is the only one who seems like they could be any good at all. Gullet and Neely might just be the 2 most disgusting people I have seen all year...

  • Shane O Mac - 9 years ago

    LOL at Obamanation, another know it all to point out the obvious! Way to go you must feel like a real winner,you and Charlie Sheen should hang out. Obama lackey....

  • Obamanation - 9 years ago

    LOL at Greg Stanton- have enough robovotes? I like how he has a ton of votes in two days. Relax, this is not the official poll, sir. BTW, isn't this the same guy who resigned from his City Council position so that he could become a lackey to Terry Goddard?

  • Sylvia Peterman - 9 years ago

    Greg Stanton will hopefully become our next mayor. We need someone who can revitalize the downtown area, bring jobs to the city, and work w/ all people to move Phoenix and Arizona forward!

  • Alika Kumar - 9 years ago

    I would like to see a candidate genuinely interested in generating real growth for small businesses in this office.

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