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Do You Like Our New "Love Of The Desert" Logo?


  • Sara - 13 years ago

    Typical realtor house roof does not differentiate you from anyone. There's no desert connection in a glance--have to read it to see that and most won't. Couldn't tell your location from anywhere in the world. If budget is a factor in redesign, I suggest you go to 99Designs.com which is a crowd source design location. You can offer $100 prize to designers and get lots of options better than this one. Sorry it turns out not to be a great logo--but it's good you asked for input before implementing it.

  • Alan - 13 years ago

    I also agree with the comments above. The mark does NOT convey that you are Realtors or that you are in Palm Springs, California and needs to be simplified. I like Karen's idea - keep the palm tree with a heart-shapped top. At present the logo is very forgetable and does not convey any passion or warmth. Also, you are Desert Realtors but the colours are cold blue instead of warm red, brown or burnt orange offset by the cool green palm tree.
    I agree with Lewis that the poll is confusing and does not provide a range of options.

  • Virginia O'Connor - 13 years ago

    It needs some work, I agree with the comments so far. I'll be happy to help you design another one. I'm a graphic artist as well as a Realtor.

  • Lewis S. Bishop - 13 years ago

    I agree needs some work. Also unsure how to vote as each selection is a question.

  • Debbie - 13 years ago

    Looks similar to some non-profit logos already in existence.
    I simply saw "love a house in the desert," without knowing what you did, so needs some tweaking and reviewing to make sure it's not too close to other registered logos, or others in your industry to avoid confusion.

  • Karen Thomas - 13 years ago

    A logo should be an expressive and instantly recognizable symbol.
    This one is confusing and hard to read, especially in a small size.
    Too many elements and text of various sizes. I would simplify and not include
    your names in the logo.
    There is nothing in it that really says realtor in any way. I would lose the house,
    get a cleaner graphic of the palm, maybe stylize the top in a heart shape,
    and integrate Love of the Desert Realty. It needs some work and I think Roberta
    is right, better if a pro does it.

    Hope this helps!


  • Roberta - 13 years ago

    i suggest you to hire a professional in order to create a logo that has all features that you wanted to pass to your clients. I just see a house, but the passion for this kind of service or the place are not there.

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