Should teachers intervene to stop fights? (Poll Closed)

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  • slim - 10 years ago

    I think the kid should be arrested so that they learn it is aganist the law to put your hands on someone else. Which it is. This might save a persons life later on. Look at the kids that have been bullied are doing now. Getting guns a coming to school to kill some one. It needs to be stopped when it first starts. It is a mater of law. No one has the right to bully another.

  • Benratchik - 11 years ago

    Teachers should break up fights, it comes with the territory. Therefore I believe the school should pay for injuries sustained while the teacher is performing said duties.

  • Dollie Martinez - 11 years ago

    Where have all the adults gone?

    It is every adult's responsibility to ensure that children are safe.

  • Sam - 11 years ago

    There is no respect for authority anymore. Students don't respect the teachers or the security people charged with helping keep order. Schools have become little more than prisons for children to endure until they get out on their own. Ridding the school of morals and religion has done more to damage our youth than all the pointless comedy shows out today. If we simply taught right from wrong and ended the moral reletivism attitude prevalent today, we would finally begin to come back to sanity.

  • Juice - 11 years ago

    We have school police in my school district. I tried breaking up a girl fight once and I ended up getting hit in the nose. Every situation is different but if I can't get the police in a reasonable amount of time then I'll step in.

  • goqivana - 11 years ago

    The teachers are there to protect the kids and stop fights. If you don't like it quit! It proves you do not belong in the classroom!

  • Russ Davis - 11 years ago

    This is to be expected in the post-Christian civilization of uncivilized barbarism. When we abandoned the former for the latter that comes with government schools (e.g. Columbine), as the Founders warned us, our doom was sure. God save us all.

  • jon stemples - 11 years ago

    teachers should always stop bullyin

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