Which freshly canceled Fox shows will you miss most? [Choose two]

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  • Dee - 7 years ago

    I just finished watching the 3rd season...didn't even notice I'd watched the LAST episode, where Lightman admits his feelings for Gillian, and then.....nothing?!!! Are you kidding me!!! Best show ever and FOX got rid of it, that's crazy!

  • Cuprum - 8 years ago

    Верните сериал "Обмани меня" (Lie to me)!!

  • kathy - 8 years ago

    Why did you cancel lie to me and Chicago code? I quit watching Fox till sleepy hollow if you cancel sleepy hollow. Probably will never turn Fox tv on in my place of business again.
    We have regular tv night instead of sports. I do better business than the sports bars because I don't run sports programs. Jeopardy is the biggest draw.

  • Rynx - 9 years ago


  • Divilly - 9 years ago

    I'm watching Lie to me series- on web- currently(i'm on 2nd season), and i'm really confused about how FOX cancelled it; i believe FOX lost at least 30% of his watchers when cancelled this show.
    Greetings from Brazil.

  • Fuck you - 9 years ago

    Why they take away lie to me THEY ARE SHIT HEADS They ruin my life!

  • FoxFucker - 9 years ago

    Fuck you!!!!why you closed Lie To me?!

  • dude - 9 years ago


  • Melissa Ringstead - 10 years ago

    How can they stop Lie To Me!?!?!?!?!! I loved watching it, it was interesting and yet funny. It was the best show going! Please reconsider.. I'm so gutted! FOX .. sort it out!

  • Jacob - 10 years ago

    Cannot believe that they cancelled Lie to Me, the best series i've ever watched (Borgen/The Castle 2nd best), remember how it was to wait a whole week for the next episode on TV2 (Denmark, I'm a Dane), it's unbelieveable, that they cancelled it...

  • leslie - 10 years ago

    I NEVER watch FOX but, we were in Cancun and with limited American TV we caught an episode of Lie To Me. My husband and I, whom never watch the same type of shows came back home and ordered Netflix just to be able to watch all the episodes of Lie To Me. As we are on season 3, episode 11 we continue to say Why would they cancel such a great show? For the life of me I can not understand why. I have gone on line looking for the answers and have seen polls that largely, very largely voted for this show to stay on the air, along with many comments asking again, why? So I ask you, the FOX Network, why did you cancel such an amazing Series? Why?
    I ask you in the name of marital bliss...will you bring back this great series that brought together two married people who spend most of their "free" time in separate rooms watching different cable tv channels? Bring all those cable watching, never even check local channels, channel flipping, bored to tears families back to good ol' fashioned tv.

  • /christine - 10 years ago

    Why???? LIE TO ME was one of the most interesting programs on a major network in a long time!!
    It is an intelligent show. It gives your mind a different way to view daily interactions. You start to think about how we interact. This show challenged you and had you questioning things you thought were standard. Unlike most major broadcasting "hits" where every detail has been "dumbed down" to make sure the Honey Boo Boo families get it. What about the rest of us? I like to sit down and watch a mystery or a puzzle and not have every detail spelled out for me frame by frame.

  • Kenneth - 10 years ago

    Why would fox cancel one of the few good tv series with the perfect combination of actors?
    It might seem like that i'm a caveman for objecting this 2 years after the cancellation, but since the there is a time delay between when a show is on the air to the time anyone discovers it i don't feel so bad.

    I don't usually like it when tv shows passes their expiration date, but lie to me far from near any cancellation if you ask me.

    get it back on air!

  • Vahe - 10 years ago

    Bring back lie to me.

  • Tuborgman - 10 years ago

    Guys! Let's continue with Lie To Me!

  • James West - 10 years ago

    Lie To Me is one of the best TV series I think I have ever watched. Its brilliant story lines along with the characters was just an intelligent show to watch. Sad I can only watch 3 seasons of it on Netflix.. Good Job Fox once again you have idiots that make the decision on what we the viewers like...That is all Good day.....

  • anniexhx - 10 years ago

    why would u cancel lie to me it was the best show ever listen to your veiwers and bring it back asap

  • Alexei - 10 years ago

    that's a terrible mistake - cancel "lie to me"!!
    there was no "happy end"!!! even "epic fail"!!!
    you have to let us see one more season!

  • jb - 10 years ago

    Cancelling Lie to Me was so dumb!!!! That show is way better than your stupid Bones spin off.. I can't even remember what it's called. I mean, I guess I'm just happy Bones is still on. I just miss Lie to Me =(

  • Khalid - 10 years ago

    Please bring back Lie To Me!

  • BBecky Roberts - 10 years ago

    How can you possibly think that cancelling a show like Lie to Me. It is one of the most relevant, interesting and unique programs cues created.. You are going to end up on tv's biggest blunders on this one. I seriously hope another network picks it up and it explodes into the popularity it had when it was on FOX. my God it one several awards out of the box. Who in the world is in charge of programming there?. You've got "hells kitchen", reruns of house, "master age"...do we really need two Gordon Ramsey shows that are insulting to our intelligence? Come on!!!!!! Bring back Lie to Me. Please.

  • Becky Roberts - 10 years ago

    Please please BRING BACK LIE TO ME OR HAVE ANOTHER NETWORK PICK IT UP. Seriously you guys are going to end up on tv's biggest blunders. This show needs to be on the air. It's one of the most relevant and intelligent programs ever made. You have a dream cast especially with Tim Roth and all the rest. What is wrong with you?

  • C - 11 years ago

    I think Fox has made a big mistake in removing Human Target from its line up!!! The show is well written and really excitting!! It has made me more streetwise by looking at all the dangerous things Chance had to fight with i/e dangerous people!!! Please reconsider there are lots of people over here who love that show!!! Thank you very much!!!

  • Lauren - 11 years ago

    Lie to Me is such a great t.v show! Intelligent too! I believe that it should be brought back! I have a pilot script for season four, what if we could all help bring it back!! A show like this is not supposed to be canceled. Shows that win awards deserve to stay on!

  • Nico - 11 years ago

    Bring lie to me back! One of best shows ever. For once that there's something intelligent on TV, it's stopped...

  • Yaz. - 11 years ago

    Bring back Chicago Code & Lie to Me! Best shows!

  • Frank - 11 years ago

    Bring back Lie To Me

  • lydia - 11 years ago

    Why would you cancel LIE TO ME? Loved that show

  • leigh - 11 years ago

    Bring back lie to me.

  • joe - 11 years ago

    Comeon bring back Lie to me.... its really good show

  • Travis - 11 years ago


  • Phyllis - 11 years ago

    I seriously consider the cancellation of Lie to Me to be the final straw in disolving ANY last vestiges of belief I held in FOX...come on, you really don't get your viewer's tastes at all, do you? An amazingly clever show that left all who tuned in with anticipation, week after week, smarter for watching...WHAT A CONCEPT!

  • Elisabete - 11 years ago

    Why would they cancel the Lie to Me serie... It was at is best with lots of adventure, suspense, comedy and with a brand new and interesting character at the last episode... I miss it a lot.

  • zeddydado - 11 years ago

    Tim Roth and the writing were the main reasons why I tuned in. Bad decision and I hope they realize this soon! I am not lying ;p

  • ana - 11 years ago

    Lie to me cancelled!!! Can´t believe it!!!! I´ve seen and followed many series, from ER, to CSI, and Desperate Housewives and I can go on with the list for some time, but the best one ever, no doubt has been Lie to Me. Amazing story, incredibly perfect actors. I think the network has made a huge mistake. I´m upset (to put it mildly) as many fans and followers are. Would be nice to hear the voice of the audience, in the end it all comes down to this. I don´t know why it has been cancelled all I know is that it has been a bad call. Hope you put it back soon.

  • zac - 11 years ago

    bring back lie to me it was the best show ever

  • Robin - 11 years ago

    I cannot believe they cancelled Lie To Me. I had been watching it through Netflix (a season behind). I recently got cable TV and was so disappointed with this news. The show was entertaining and provocative. It would be a gift to have this show make a comeback on FOX or another network looking for a winner!

  • Derek - 11 years ago

    Lie to Me was one of the higher rated shows on FOX network, brought Netflix and other websites alot of revanue so why cancel one of ur biggest productions and rated shows..... oh i know why because it actually involves using your brains omethign FOX doesnt do... their is truth in Family Guy when they talk about FOX it is a company that should be shut down because it keeps the shows that are usless to the human mind but something that actually benefits people it gets kicked off the air nice ....LOSERS

  • Diana - 11 years ago

    I can't believe they cancelled Lie to Me! I wish another station would pick it up or something, GRRR! I'm totally sick of House and Bones, sorry guys, but Lie to Me was a DIFFERENT and more INTERESTING show, it was a nice change of pace...Why do stations always cancel shows JUST WHEN THEY GET REALLY GOOD??? Grrr.

  • Sseuferer - 11 years ago

    I loved the show Lie to me. Why did they take it off. I hate some of the shows they have on now as they are boring.

  • Jannika - 11 years ago

    Why must FOX kill everything that is good?? I cannot believe they cancelled LIE TO ME!!
    It was such a fantastic show; intelligent, fascinating, and entertaining!
    I already hated FOX for killing Firefly... now I guess I can add Lie To Me to the list.

  • Ashley - 11 years ago

    Ok.... I SERIOUSLY just teared up when I saw that "Lie to Me" is officially cancelled. I only like ONE other show. ONE. My heart was racing when I hopped on the computer to check the dates for season 4's arrival; then *BAM* heartache. (if anyone's a fan, they'll like my semicolon:)

    I think someone from higher up needs to step in.... FOX is losing a lot of followers with this show. Im sure the others as well.

  • Dennis - 11 years ago

    I wish they would give shows more time to build a following. They seem to forget most of us have to record so many shows it takes us more time to see them all and start to like them. So many new shows be fore word of mouth can get moving they cancel it......... It is there own loss... Just for the record I liked... The Chicago Code...as well as both my choices so did many others.

  • DNAPlayer - 11 years ago

    Why exactly Lie to me? Just tell me WHY?

  • Mathias - 11 years ago

    Lie to me is extremely popular among my friends. Shame on the ones who decided to cancel this epic show, you have as much vision as your former president :)

  • Valerie - 11 years ago

    You have got to be kidding me!!...I'm waiting and waiting to hear the premier time, and finally decide to investigate..and low and behold....What??....cancelled!!! I love Lightman!!! just being able to watch a show that's not what a bunch of drunks are doin in NJ, or how a bunch of rich biatches are spending even more $$ to socialize in Beverly Hills, or how to "make (a new garment) work", was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please Fox reconsider!!!!! for my sanity's sake!!!

  • Regina - 11 years ago

    WTF I can believe they axed Chicago Code, I loved that show, suppose there is no chance of bringing it back. There goes another good crime drama show no wonder you can not find anything to watch having 100 plus channels. They cut the decent shows to put more crap shows on in there place. Throughtly disgusted!

  • Nelson - 11 years ago

    Cancelling Lie to Me is an Epic Fail!
    Its Peerless!
    Who owns the rights? Could an independent production company revive it?
    As others have stated, with the right promotion, the series could be a home run!
    It works in every language/country; export it!
    Clearly someone at Fox doesn't like the Proles understanding their body language...
    Its the *only* possible explanation.

  • Helen - 11 years ago

    The Chicago Code was awesome! Please put it back on the air?????????

  • Avagail - 11 years ago

    Human Target was right up there with Burn Notice: the inter-relationships, the action and just enough to beg you to return each week. What a shame Fox gave it so little time to catch on. Aside from Bones, there is no reason to turn on Fox.

  • Leesie - 11 years ago


  • sher - 11 years ago

    SHIT - just went looking for the restart date of The Chicago Code and found out it has been cancelled. This was a great show although having to figure out the channel and night was frustrating - maybe the reason why the ratings weren't what they wanted to keep it running.
    Please bring this back!!!!!!

  • danny - 11 years ago

    yeah i'll boycott its so dumb

  • Isabelle - 11 years ago

    Wow, I'm boycotting fox for cancelling Lie to Me. It is truly fascinating, I think I will start a campaign to boycott fox because of this decision. I am astounded at the lack of foresight fox has invested in predicting it's potential.

  • Vinicius Brasil - 11 years ago

    Lie to me has to back, come on, actually is the most interesting series

  • Harry Makings - 11 years ago

    Fox - Who makes your decisions? Do you actually listen to the viewers of your shows? Cancelling Lie To Me is a decision as bad as the cancelling of Firefly (Targeted viewing figures after cancellelation showed a healthy viewer base!) You've learned nothing! - go ahead and make some more middle of the road shows and see where the future takes you!

    I for one am a lost customer Fox. Goodbye.

  • Tasha - 11 years ago

    This is ridiculous! I loved Lie to Me. They made a mistake. It's depressing now-a-days to see such good shows, thought provoking and intelligent, not to mention quite humorous, to be cancelled when they have such little time left anyway. Just to be replaced but such mundane, overdone, boring reality tv/cartoons.

    We were almost getting to a resolution of sorts, not only with Cal and Gillian (he JUST admitted his feelings for her but to his daughter!) but now we don't know what will be there for the company either. What will happen to Locker? or Torres? We've been diligent watchers of this since the beginning. And now, right before we get to where we want to be, you cut it out?! Of course, why would you see anything to it's completion? Are you going to do the same to Bones? Even that is almost over, from the way this last episode played out. And Fringe? Same thing. Are cartoons really going to rein? It's disastrous .

    But go ahead, Fox, go ahead and see just how many of your "ratings" go down when you lose all your fans when all there is left are "reality" tv shows. We'll see how long your network lasts then. Because if this keeps up, no one is going to be watching.

  • Marco Tamarri - 11 years ago

    I'm italian too , Lie To Me and Chicago Code are my favourite shows, so... fox MUST reconsider his decision!!!

  • Лена - 11 years ago

    Верните сериал "Обмани меня"!!!

  • germano - 11 years ago

    I'm Italian. Lie to me and moreover Human Target are my favourite shows.
    And so for my wife,sons and friends.
    I don't know why these series were cancelled.
    We all hope Fox will reconsider that.
    Excuse my bad English.

  • Joanna Rose - 11 years ago

    I loved Human Target. Shame on Fox for cancelling it and replacing it with more not so real reality TV and stupid crap like Napeoleon Dynamite. Not every movie deserves a spin-off. Fox was about the only network I watched but maybe it's time to reconsider. I know tons of people who watched Human Target. Interesting that the ratings belied it. Probably cause 5 or 6 people in the same house watch it. I used to go to my parents and watch it with them cause they loved it too. My grandparents live in the same house. So there's 6 of us but 1 TV. Thanks for nothing Fox

  • Rebecca - 11 years ago

    FOX is so retarded for pulling Lie To Me. You finally get a show with some amazing story line with actual intelligence and interesting information, and you pull it?! I have gotten SO many people into that show. Me and my boyfriend watched every episode together. Shame on you FOX, shame on you.

  • Barbara - 12 years ago

    Just when you really get interested in a show Fox cancels it, and leaves shows that are so bad ., Chicago Code was one of my favorite., I used to be a cop, and this show was very close to what it was like in a big city trying to fight crime, all the characters had the cop characters pretty much , right on.,, first cop show I've enjoyed in a long time.....Come on Fox......listen to your viewing audience.......take off some of these dumb reality shows and keep what we're really watching on the air!

  • Katz3835 - 12 years ago

    I often wonder what does through the minds of the powers that be at these networks. So many great shows are cancelled before they are given a chance to grow their market. "The Good Guys" and "Human Target"were great adventures with some wonderful tongue-in-cheek humor. I, for one, am very sorry to see them go. With "The Chicago Code," I was beginning to wonder how the show would sustain itself if Alderman Gibbons was sent up to the big house. The show was too specific with its focus, but I still enjoyed it.

  • Craig - 12 years ago

    ok FOX lie to me and tell me lie to me isn't cancelled....please!

  • Connie - 12 years ago

    What's next - American Idol??? Just when you get people hooked, you plug the plug!!!

  • Janet - 12 years ago

    The Chicago Code and Traffic Light were the best. How can these be cancelled?? I'm going to stop watching new shows, especially on FOX!!!!

  • Brandy - 12 years ago

    What are you guys thinking ? Okay you have to cut ,but why Lie to Me ? What was wrong this show ? If it was not for Lie to Me and House I would not watch Fox .

  • Julien - 12 years ago

    FRANCE WANTS "LIE TO ME" BACK ! The most intelligent and interesting show for years !

  • Johnson Ji - 12 years ago

    I'm a high school student from China. Lie to Me appeals to every one around me, my mom, my girlfriend, my brothers etc. Come on, if you guys really want Beijing to set our Internet free, Lie to Me may be a good way to move them!

  • Vanessa Freixo - 12 years ago

    Seriously, Lie to Me is the best show ever. I can't believe you guys canceled. And just to let you know, I'm from Brazil and I used to watch every new episode.

  • Laurie - 12 years ago

    I agree with Emma! And I would have still been waiting and waiting to see Lie To Me had I not googled it and learned that it was canceled a week ago. We could never tell when we would see Lie To Me, very poor promotion of this show. I think I will block FOX from all my televisions.

  • Kyle - 12 years ago

    I guess on the one hand, I can go back to never watching Fox. I can catch Family Guy a week later on Adult Swim, and I already torrent Glee (for my wife) out of spite. The Chicago Code was really starting to pick up, and Traffic Light was quickly becoming my favorite comedy. S my D, Fox.

  • DavidEdem_ - 12 years ago

    Even the polls show Lie To Me will be missed most.. we want it back!!

  • lovelightman - 12 years ago

    Lie to me was the best show on cable. didn't it win people's choice award two yrs in a row?? does it even matter?? Fox did it again- pulling the only smart show on television- get it together FOX.

  • Peony - 12 years ago

    Oh no, not LTM after Firefly =( The two best series evah-evah!
    Shame on you, FOX, the Showkiller!

  • mandy - 12 years ago

    AUSTRALIA WANTS "LIE TO ME" BACK! Please FOX! Lie to me is the best tv show ever. We're on season 3 episode 11 right now, a bit slow I know. But i and many friends are a big fan of Lie to me. We are so devastated when we found out it has been cancelled. Please FOX, put Lie to Me back on the showw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kai - 12 years ago

    I'm very upset Lie to Me is cancelled. I understand shows don't last forever, but they should at least end it right instead of leaving it open. But I guess they'd rather we give Netflix our money to watch the old episodes.. Ha.

  • Ascors - 12 years ago

    'Breaking In' forever!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cen - 12 years ago

    What the hell are you guys doing? Lie to me is sooo good. I don't know what you guys want from us. We love the show and are loyal fans. What's up with that?

  • Anastasia - 12 years ago

    Lie to me is the best of the best!!!!!
    It is really interesting and intriguing. Lightman's jokes are really funny, not like stupid "jokes" in other shows!!!!!!
    And Foster is incredibly beautifull and sexy!!!
    You are really stupid if you won't renew this show!!!!
    Lie to me is the best of the best!!!!!
    Кто не согласен - тот мудак!!)

  • Carrie Elsass - 12 years ago

    Time to cancel cable. Lie to Me was pretty much the only intelligent, interesting show on Fox. Such a shame:(

  • Kelsie - 12 years ago

    I can't believe Lie To Me is cancelled!!
    Fox obviously didn't consider that there are other countries OTHER than America!
    and because of the time jerk around people have resorted to watching it ONLINE!

    instead of cancelling the one show that people ACTUALLY enjoy, cancel the pointless one instead!!

    re-consider your decision FOX, season 4 would have raked in more viewers from the whole world as season 3 left the possibility of what people had been hoping for!!!!!

  • Emma - 12 years ago

    I can't believe Fox cancelled Lie to Me after it won the people's choice award twice, I don't know what they were thinking. UK fans have yet to see half of Lie to Me season 3 its appalling that Fox is hardly promoted Lie to Me and constantly changed its time slots and days and then cancel it after fans continue to watch it! Better promotion and stable scheduling would have made Lie to Me one of Fox's top shows I'm certain of it!

  • Marcus - 12 years ago

    Fox has made a terrible mistake and should be NBC's chance to get back in the game. Lie to Me and Human Target come back and on any network!!!!!!!!

  • none - 12 years ago

    you need to put Human Target on during the day - around 3 p.m. - you are missing your market - which is the Harlequin Romance crowd - like a soft opera but better - soooo - missing the mark - it's about romance and saving the damsel in distress - definitely
    the afternoon crowd

  • Sara - 12 years ago

    NOOOOOOOO. am i the only one who was thoroughly enjoying Traffic Light!?!? It was the only freshman comedy to stand out on it's own as funny yet original. im so bummed.

  • Disgusted - 12 years ago

    I can NOT believe they waited until "The Chicago Code" got interesting to cancel it! Another reason FOX sucks. Yet they renew House and Bones?! Bleck!!

  • Lana Randall - 12 years ago

    "Human Target" was one of my favorite shows. Please reconsider.

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