What do you think of Bristol Palin after jaw surgery?

  • Fitz - 8 years ago

    In my view, Bristol was extremely beautiful and appealing before the surgery. I absolutely loved her natural beauty before. I'm glad she's happy now, but I miss seeing her in all her natural beauty. (I've never seen her in person).

  • saladgirl - 11 years ago

    I don't think she looks better....but she was pretty before and pretty after. The thing that bothers me is the lies. I don't believe she had a major surgical procedure to correct a jaw problem which was virtually undetectable. The people I know who have had this surgery (and I know quite a few since I am a high school teacher) have had noticeable facial problems with a protruding jaw or a receding jaw. Bristol had neither. Plus the recovery time is long and difficult and Bristol has been seen off and on since December with no indications. She had plastic surgery because she was tired of being teased about her fat double chin. I have no problem with that....just tell the truth.

  • C Dale - 11 years ago

    This young woman has every right to make changes in herself as she sees fit. It's no one 's business why, or if it is necessary. People sticking there noses in others affairs need to focus on their own sad lives and leave her alone. God Bless her for being able to survive and thrive in the toxic society that wants to bring everyone down. God Bless her in her future endevors!!

  • Nah - 11 years ago

    Well, perhaps it really was medically necessary. For girls of Bristol's political persuasion, a very flexible jaw might be the only way to avoid getting knocked up again...

  • Sheridan - 11 years ago

    I came upon this article by accident. I am, according to the poll...Palin Neutral. Now really, if she were a friend or a family member I would care. I would guess that for those making comments above Palin is not a friend or family member.
    Why don't you all read a good book, go to a museum or some such concept of self-improvement as your time here was wasted.

  • Jessikah - 11 years ago

    I bet she had her jaw redone to accommodate her many boyfriends :P

  • dermot ryan - 11 years ago

    I have no doubt she had the surgery to be able to accommodate larger p----------- How else does she qualify for these programs her mother is getting her? She is a no talent hick from Wasilla, AL who made her debut in the back seat of a pick-up truck. She needs to go back home and take care of her bastard child in the land of unwed mothers.

  • Brad Clemmens - 11 years ago

    She should have lost some weight instead of taking the easy way out.

  • Dan - 11 years ago

    Working for an Oral Surgeon, I have seen the benefits of Orthognathic surgery. In layman's terms, it's like a car alignment. You have either an overjet or an underjet, correcting an underbite or overbite. This goes hand in hand with braces, and braces usually correct the problem, but not always. Typically, this involves a six to eight hour surgery and you literally break the jaw to make the adjustment. Sometimes insurance companies cover it, especially if a congenital defect can be proven. If it leads to a better life for her, great! Keep the politics in the trunk and let her continue to recover from her surgery.

  • Megan - 11 years ago

    I have had this surgery myself (over 10 years ago), it is very painful. But, the benefits greatly out weight the pain. I would not be able to eat today if I had not had the surgery. She is at the right age, leave her alone on this one.

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