Are Disabled Parking Placards Over Or Under Utilized In SF?

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  • Stuart Smith - 13 years ago

    Thanks for even publishing this. I'm a disabled senior with disabled license plates and I can promise you that these placards are overused and abused. I think it's absurd that almost every parking space around City Hall, Civic Center is occupied all day, Monday thru Friday for cars displaying a placard and virtually ALL these people work for our City government. Do we hire ONLY the disabled? Check our parking spaces around construction sites and projects and you'll find a large % of high boy pick up trucks operated by men and women from of town who have a short term disability but are able to be full time construction workers.

    It's a joke and it's the easiest thing to get from our government. Chiropractors, acupuncturists, social workers and all sorts of people can find that anyone and everyone is disabled in some way that allows them to deserve this free pass that costs our local governments so much desperately needed revenue. Anyone can get a FREE placard within 2 hours and you won't have to wait in a line at the DMV because you're disabled. It's a sign of a government that has lost sight of it's fiduciary responsiblity. Susan Mizner is a well intentioned public servant and a very BUSY disability advocate, but surely she must be aware of the rampant abuse of this privelege.

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