Should Fox give 'Breaking In' a second chance?

  • Nicolette Koss - 11 years ago

    I can't believe that you would cancell this show. It's way funnier then than any other stupid show you have on your station.... I can't believe that you aren't even airing the season finale. Are you kidding me! Please, put this show back on and give it a chance an cut it before it get. Maybe a better day and a different time would be better. I compare it to, It's always Sunny in Philly, when the show frist came out nobody liked it, they came back a season later and now look at it! Please just bring the show back. I don't even watch this station. I saw the preview for the show and started watching it. Good Stuff, I know that I will be watching something else now. You just lost me as a viewer :( Please reconsider!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mary Shepherd - 11 years ago

    Just when fox finally has a funny show that isn't offensive to half the world, they cancel it. Maybe they should move it to Sunday night so it has a chance instead of tucking it behind American idol. I'd much rather see this then the dreadful bobs burger or put it in place of reruns they air every Sunday.

  • Liliana - 11 years ago

    Please renew Breaking In!!! I love this show!

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