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Which 'Idol' performance do you prefer? (Poll Closed)


  • DavidollArchie - 12 years ago

    hmmmp! what ever happens DAVID ARCHULETA is still the best singer evurrrrrrrrr! :P #CGusers!! XD Like what people have said LOSERS are always unfair when it comes to competitions in order for them to win. Hahaha... :PPP #justsayin!

  • yali archuleta - 12 years ago

    why they take this song from david archuleta?

  • Tracy - 12 years ago

    David sings from his heart, he has pitch perfect vocals, Adam screams over the already loud music so hands down David. It doesn't matter because Adams fans use "BOT" techniques everytime they are in a poll so they win everytime. Pretty sad to know they can only win by cheating.

  • kathleen(archie) - 12 years ago

    woaahh... no.1 david archuleta.. he's the one.. (1) the 1. haha.... ♥♥♥

  • Bev - 12 years ago

    Adam is a no talent hack whose screams are injury to most peoples' eardrums- Archie is wayyyy cuter too-Ha

  • Larry - 12 years ago

    Archie by far is the best. His pitch perfect performance and genuine emotion both came through and no screeching was needed.

  • Nelly - 12 years ago

    I ♥ David!!!!!

  • carosgram - 12 years ago

    Adam's Mad World still sends chills up and down my spine. It isn't even a fair contest. DA is still just a kid and his Imagine lacks the maturity it needs to really touch my heart.

  • rizt - 12 years ago

    I love DA and I voted him, i think his performance is the best. But let's not give bad opinion about other. I thinks AL is also awesome. he deserved to win the AI8 title

  • danteFilan - 12 years ago

    the result is impossible ,, 'cause david archuleta has a better voice than adam lambert
    I stay to support david archuleta and I always love archie !!!

  • Pe Glad - 12 years ago

    Hey guys, vote for David Archie now, he is no.1 fightinggggggggggg

  • kathleen(archie) - 12 years ago

    i love you david..!! keep voting on him archie's... he's still the only one best.. haha... he have an amazing voice.. and i love the way he play an guitar!! hehe.. *IMAGINE* by DAVID ARCHULETA.. let's vote david.. :)) ☻♥

  • Candy - 12 years ago

    @lark, it was only one note he missed and he corrected it. Simon didn't seem to care and neither did anyone else. Did you know Adam's Mad World was #10 best song on time magazine year end list that year?,28804,1945379_1944027_1944052,00.html

    It was also used in General Hospital and on some other TV show. Also ranked #2 by as best 30 idol performances. Imagine was #10.,,20488359_20947784,00.html

  • Gail - 12 years ago

    I voted for both of these guys and neither of them won....yeah David he won my heart but Adam won my heart and u both!

  • angel50 - 12 years ago

    David. Pure, gorgeous tone of VOICE. I am addicted to listening to anything he will sing for us!

  • lark - 12 years ago

    This poll is a joke. If it had been any other Adam song I would have voted for him but how do you so-called fans not remember that Adam was off key in that falsetto note in Mad World, SOMETHING TO WHICH HE EVEN ADMITTED!

    I wasn't an Archie fan all season but even his performance of Imagine I couldn't diss because it really was just that good. And in a head-to-head battle Imagine is wayyyyy better than Mad World. You guys should have voted for Whole Lotta Love, that song killed it on Idol!

  • glambert94 - 12 years ago

    Adam is the best singer !!!
    And I think that he stole a little bit American Idol after his season.
    I love him and always be.
    Once a Glambert, always be one !!!

  • AI - 12 years ago

    David is down to earth and his fans are loyal. His performance is clear, honest, and touching; he doesn't need over the top effects to grab the attention of the viewer, he is simply a natural!!!!!!!

  • tess4ADAM - 12 years ago

    ADAM received TWO Standing Ovations on AI8 ... ONE from Smokey Robinson for TRACKS of MY TEARS and ONE from Simon Cowell for MAD WORLD ... can David A. say the same for ANY of his performances on AI7? Well then ... there you have it ... ADAM was by far the BETTER of the two .... Back to my other voting now ... GO ADAM!!!

  • Sharon - 12 years ago

    Adam Lambert's Mad World was the single best performance ever on AI. Just ask Simon Cowell his first SO in 8 Seasons

  • sarah - 12 years ago

    Bad timing. I have to sacrifice your poll this time because there are some more important polls are going on. To me, it's David Archuleta's powerhouse, crystal clear, pitch perfect, emotional performance IMAGINE. He mentioned that he didn't think about judging when he performed it. He said to his vocal coach he wanted to spread the spirit of the song, and I got his pure message and became a fan of lifetime.
    Back to voting on another poll.....

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