Disney's Trademarking of 'Navy SEAL Team 6' is

  • kid cleveland - 10 years ago

    Seal team Six should get the trademark an then could license the use. This would get the monies going the right direction. Give the team some control how it is used an what it is used for.

  • Fred Krueger - 10 years ago

    Why would any decent American (individual -corporation) trademark anything that relates to those who daily put their lives on the line in the Military for mere financial gain ? Can't they just say & give thanks for what they have accomplished & leave it for history to decide. Enough people have given their lives in support of our constitution & way of life to have it denigrated for selfish monetary gain. Shame on you for your selfish reasons & shame on the people that allowed this fiasco to take place. I think it's high time we reexamined our values & priorities.

  • Jack Spellman - 10 years ago

    This is just free enterprise taking effect. Disney at least won't deface the symbol or use it in a gross way. All the Obama lovers ie; socialists dislike the idea because the state doesn't control Disney or the symbol.

  • Claire - 10 years ago

    I originally clicked on being opposed, but decided to give them a chance.... let's see if they will share the profits with the families of those who have been killed. The term I am thinking is "redeeming value", I think. Someone is going to do this, let's hope Disney does the right think.

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