Should McDonald's halt marketing that targets children?


  • Tammie - 12 years ago

    Marketing can influence children, of course. One would hope that their family and caregivers have an even greater influence on their children. I personally do not agree with controlling or restricting private businesses or companies because everyone has a personal choice. On this note, it is completely up to these businesses to practice social responsibility and it is in the family's responsibility to educate themselves and their children.

  • Al - 12 years ago

    Actually, I think this initiative goes a long way in helping parents take responsibility. Ronald and similar marketing practices that McDonald's employees zigs and zags around parental authority every day -- McDonald's shows up in schools, libraries, on the internet, places where parents can't be all the time. The multi-billion dollar corporations spends over $1 million dollars marketing directly to children, who have no idea what marketing is. It's crucial to their profit model. It's why this is getting so much attention. Doctors and parents can stand together against this fast food gigantron.

  • Jake - 12 years ago

    I agree with everyone who commented. The obesity and diseases are not McDonalds' problem. If anything, we should be thanking McDonalds. Nowadays, you can switch out the fries or drink for something healthier. Like most people said, it is ultimately the parents' decision. Nobody blamed Burger King for making their chicken tenders look like dinosaurs, or Wendy's for selling frosty's.

  • heather - 12 years ago

    Parents need to start cooking again. Don't blame marketing strategies when ultimately the parents CHOOSE to stop there.

  • Roadie - 12 years ago

    I agree with Roy. I also agree with the others that expressed that the parents should be in charge. It's not McDonald's that's guiding the children, the parents should be doing that. How can these physicians and nurses blame McDonalds for the poor health habits our children are forming? The parents are giving the children too many toys that take away physical activity. Between cell phones and all the electronic games etc. kids aren't getting the exercise they need either, but I wouldn't blame McDonalds for that either.

  • Nathaniel - 12 years ago

    McDonalds was correct when they responded that they have many meal and portion options for their happy meals, and that Ronald is an ambassador for all of the good things their company does for communities. Parents can give their kids milk and fresh fruit with their chicken tenders instead of fries and soda, and even fries and soda aren't bad on occasion. This is just another example of people trying to make corporations and other people responsible for what should be their own personal responsibilities. Nobody forces parents to buy their kids fatty, salty foods, and it's the parents' responsibility, not McDonald's, to make sure their children are healthy. By constantly fighting to remove personal responsibility from ourselves, we only make ourselves and our fellow Americans stupid, and we slowly inhibit our personal freedoms.

  • Katie - 12 years ago

    THIS SOLVES NOTHING! The health problems in this country have nothing to do with Corporate Responsibility -- but has everything to do with individual choice and accountability. These healthcare professionals should focus on volunteering their hours educating children on making wise choices and giving them confidence to be smart medical consumers rather than dressing like clowns on street corners.

  • Jamie - 12 years ago

    I don't think that this poll is asking the right question. I don't think that is even an issue. It should ask- Were you lured to McDonald's by Ronald McDonald when you were a child?
    My answer is No- I was lured by the delicious french fries. Maybe McDonalds should stop making those delicious fries instead.

  • Rebex - 12 years ago

    Oh my god people, you are pathetic idiots who want the world to follow your agenda and beleive in freedom of speech unless someone doesn't agree with you. Parents can say "No" to their children, they'll get over it. An occasional McDonalds trip isn't going to kill anyone. Fries and burgers and milk shakes can fit into a healthy diet. Ronald McDonald does a lot of good with the Ronald McDonald House and other special activities for children. I grew up with McDonalds and I've been a vegetarian for over 15 years, I exercise and I'm not overweight. Get a life, actually do some good- instead of protesting McDonalds. Go volunteer somewhere.

  • Roy - 12 years ago

    last time i checked, kids don't have $ to spend on this food. in my opinion, it is up to the parents to make health choices for and educate their kids. and to their defense, mc d's is trying. they may have a way to go, but i applaud them for offering some health options in their happy meals (apple slices instead of fries, apple juice instead of soda or chocolate milk, etc)

  • Tom - 12 years ago

    What are you going to do, try shut down every single business that markets sometimes unhealthy food to children? People are going to eat what they're going to eat. Instead of whining about it, lead by example- offer a healthy alternative that kids will like!

  • Rob - 12 years ago

    If they are going to halt marketing aimed at children, there are a lot of companies that come WAY before McD's. Try any cereal company.

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