How many pairs of running shoes do you own?

  • Daren - 11 years ago

    I voted other because I wear vibrams 5 finger shoes which is almost barefoot

  • luau - 11 years ago

    @ Michael - I should have separated those two!

  • Michael Quasney - 11 years ago

    I was lucky enough to be born with my running shoes! I am curious if the other person in the "I go barefoot baby/what's running?" category is also a barefooter or just a nonrunner??

  • brenna - 11 years ago

    I forgot to tell you about this! I got the new Kinvaras after the old ones had given my trouble on the upper... bruised my foot during my marathon in April. The new ones had changed JUST enough and are perfect. Just waiting now for some spectacular new colors..... :)

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