Should OPALCO invest in conservation measures and support local renewable generation?

Posted 8 years.

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  • Jack R Titus - 5 years ago

    LED lighting has been available on boats now for at least 10 years, and operate equally well of 12 volt or AC.
    The prices have been coming down now to the point where several of the tiny multi-bulb lights clustered are not much more expensive than the more common long lasting bulb. BUT the LED uses a fraction of the electricity, and has a much longer lifespan as well. If OPALCO got together with just a few other Co-Ops, I'd bet they could bring enough sales to drop the price even more! This is the direction I'm going, and I think an awful lot of island folks will grab at this as a way of keeping their electric costs minimized. Opalco would trade off a slightly lower electric income by selling the new bulbs to members at an economical price.

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