Didnt realise my goals because….


  • Aarti Iyer - 12 years ago

    My goal is to give my best to, and make the most of what life offers me; and by the grace of the Almighty, I believe I'm achieving my goal each day. :)

  • Um Salum - 12 years ago

    As the saying goes: 'if you don't like something, change it'. We are less likely to attain a goal wherein we are less motivated, it might be boring. And if you can not change it, just change your attitude about it. Just smile.

  • Sameera Mohamed - 12 years ago

    I believe that when we set our goals, we have every intention of fulfilling but circumstances do not allow everyone to be successful in meeting their targets on time but they do ultimately succeed when they keep on trying and not give up halfway. Also, we must remember; extending support to those in need will give us more satisfaction as we are all human beings, and cannot be successful in achieving anything single-handedly. My journey has begun (my husband says that I am a dreamer), but my targets are not short term and I have many hurdles to overcome, yet Alhamdulillah my pace is good and hope to reach my target in goodtime. Inshallah!

  • Nisar Ahmed - 12 years ago

    Whenever I set goals I also set a path to achieve them however I do not set deadlines because I strongly believe that my job is to try my best and leave the results to Allah Almighty.
    Career wise I started at the lowest and I gave it my best possible shot not for a specific time. I continued to maintain the same energy and enthusiasm till I Allah made it possible to achieve the goal and then I moved on to the next. Any hurdles or failures should not deter you from achieving your goals, you should take them as stepping stones for your ultimate success.

  • Humerah Naushad K. - 12 years ago

    I have this habit of punching in a mobile reminder for each and everything i do (a trait that usually becomes the butt of all jokes). I would have had to choose the first option (...forgot them completely) but thanks to my LOYAL CELL PHONE i am reminded and Alhumdulilah, no matter how miniscule my (2011) goals, i am half way through and Insha'Allah i strongly feel that I'L BE THERE SOON...

  • Bobby Shankeshwar - 12 years ago

    Commitment in fullfilling personal goals is less when compared to official or work realted goal. Basically i feel one has to give due importance to personal goals like work related goals, which is what lacking in me.

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