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Who's the alpha? (Poll Closed)

Total Votes: 1,651

  • Emma - 13 years ago

    exactly! Everyone knows she should win though so if she doesn't its crap like! Rose is beeast! :)

  • megan - 13 years ago

    W hat the HELL!! Why is Rose losing? She's a major Badass! totally love her!!

  • Liya - 13 years ago

    how is it possible that Rose Hathaway is loosing??? the people must have misread the names of had a muscle spasm while they were trying to pick Rose, but accidentally picked ......whats-her-face instead!

  • Amira - 13 years ago

    rose hathaway is a beast no one can stop her

  • Vegard - 13 years ago

    Omg Rose is loosing... thats impossible... NO ONE is better than Rose Hathaway...


  • Liya - 13 years ago

    Rose Hathaway all the way!!!!!!!! yeah!!!!!!

  • Andrena - 13 years ago

    Rose Hathaway HAS To Win. She's The Best. Like, Maybe This Kate Girl Is Tough, But Rose Is Not Only Tough. She's Protective, Caring, & She'll Do Anything For The One's She Loves. Isnt That What An Alpha Should Do? Be Able To Guide & Protect The People AND Be Willing To Do Anything For Their Well-Being? Well, Rose Hathaway DEFINETLY Has All The Characteristics Of An Alpha.

  • Emma - 13 years ago

    No bloody way. Rose Hathaway is a legend. Even if she doesn't win this, i still believe she should. Rose is a total badass. She should be the winner.

  • Elvie - 13 years ago

    I love them both, but I'm sorry, Kate would totally chew Rose up and spit her out. Not that I'm saying that Rose isn't tough - nobody could get though what she did without being able to take a punch or five. But Kate - well, you get the feeling Kate would just blink while the Apocalypse raged around her, and then kick its ass.

  • Natalie - 13 years ago

    *DING DING DING!* Hahahaa Kate would totally wipe the floor with Rose Hathway with her bad-assness. Or get Grendel to puke on her shoes. Whichever works better...

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