Falling in Love: Allowed in Islam?

  • Alison Ramsbottom - 2 years ago

    Been with my partner for almost a year now, cant see each other for 21 days now, miss him. Im English and he's from Pakistan' love him so much

  • Mohammad Younus - 6 years ago

    I seriously agree with all the above things My question is What about the society today wherein various barriers have been created by our own parents, wherin you first are taught to make your own career and then look for a partner, I myself love a girl more than I can imagine and I feel that love is divine. But my parents ask me not to think about it right now, What can I do in this regard. Kindly guide. Jazakallahu Khair

  • Umair Zaid - 6 years ago

    Could someone please help me understand what does haraam converstaion mean ?
    And for other people out there. Love what is meant by today's generation is more like lust. Thats what I have seen in most of the cases. If it grows for the character of someone then its fine. But what happens today is, they look at the beauty, the makeup amd astagfirullaah the body. So try not to be misguided by shaytaaan. Get the clear meaning of this post. May Allaah guide us. :))

  • Amin - 6 years ago

    How stupid? Love cannot be haram. It a feeling that unites human.

  • hi - 7 years ago

    Thank you, May ALLAH grant you heaven. Ameen.

  • marwa hassan - 8 years ago

    one of the sign of allaah is he's create the felling of LOVE :)

  • um_ummah - 8 years ago

    Falling in Love: Allowed in Islam?

    Only in marrige,not outside from the merrige.

  • ayesha afzal - 9 years ago

    thankyou so much for clearing my confusion,i am hesitant to talk to my parents since i have developed such emotions..it is very important for the youth to accept this message.

  • Ayla - 9 years ago

    Thanks alot for all the stuff on this serious matter among the youth..May Allah bless you.

  • ammer hussain - 9 years ago

    asalamwalaycum..im 18 and im from the u.k...this website has relived me from my confusions may allah grant everyone jannahh

  • qunza syed - 9 years ago

    thanx to u guys to having me get such an information for which i was in need.......jazakallah qair

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