Besides the three persons of the God-head, who in the Bible is your hero? (Poll Closed)


  • Jane Lebak - 10 years ago

    Mary the mother of Jesus and Mary Magdalene both show a particular heroism. So does Joseph, Jesus's foster-father. I was surprised you didn't have the Virgin Mary on your list.

  • Rebecca LuElla Miller - 10 years ago

    Marion, I considered adding Solomon, but then I considered adding a lot of others too (like the Apostle John or Luke or Lydia or Samson -- the list was just getting so long)! I'm glad he has your vote, though. He definitely is noteworthy.


  • Marion - 10 years ago


    I'm surprised that Solomon was not one of your named choices. He is my hero.

    Because he asked God for wisdom and God granted his request. Yes...he did fall with Sheba.

    But he is responsible for the three of the most important books in OT that relates to our modern times. (Proverbs, Ecclesiastes (my favorite book in the Bible), and Song of Solomon.

    Here's a vote for Solomon!


  • Rebecca LuElla Miller - 10 years ago

    I suppose so. The Bible is filled with great people. I don't know if it's possible to add one to this poll, though. You could just leave a note in the comments on my site and I'll manually add in those votes.


  • Bram Floria - 10 years ago

    you need some more 'other' fields...

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