Should the prime minister be brought under the purview of the Lok Pal?


  • sumakani - 11 years ago

    If you dont believe in everybody in the system then how could you believe in Lokpal? It is also made of person from the same society. How could you believe in Anna or Kiran Bedi or So RTI WHistle blowers (Blackmailers?)

  • M K Vidyaranya - 11 years ago

    The principle, an ancient one, is this: “Caesar’s wife must be above suspicion.” In the normal course of affairs, a man is entitled to a presumption of innocence; if a politician commits a criminal act, he does not lose that right. But what ought to be plain is that if extensive evidence of wrongdoing surfaces, the politician should resign immediately. To hang on, insisting on the presumption of innocence, can only damage the government.
    Therefore , not only the Prime Minister, but also the President should be brought under scruitiny if there are any charges with substantial evidence against him.
    Democracy should treat every one in the same yardstick.

  • Y N I Anand - 11 years ago

    All I know about this gentleman called Kapil Sibal is that he is a very slimy character changing statements as per the need of the hour. He was doing a reasonably good job as the HRD minister and he should have stuck to his job instead of poking his nose everywhere else.

    We know the Congress party, the bureaucrats and all the politicians irrespective of their political affiliations. Name one fellow who would like get his nose cut voluntarily by someone else. All these fellows are just buying time with the hope that the people will forget everything in due course of time. Congress' luck is good in that, the elections are still more than a thousand days away!!

  • swamynathan - 11 years ago

    He is not a superman. He will also be having ambitions, family, kith and kin. And is susceptible
    of making illegal money

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