Are you buying the HP TouchPad?


  • David - 11 years ago

    I certainly want to try a tablet. I need instant on, minimal 1024x768 Citrix window, flash support in the browser. I love WebOS on my Pre minus, and it can only be better on a more powerful machine. The touchpad includes fixes for most of the little problems, built in Citrix, an OS I understand. I work for the company with the world's largest Citrix farm (Kaiser Permanente) so the advantages are obvious. The iPad won't work (no flash for Zynga), the Playbook won't work (screen too small), and the Android tabs mean a new OS and guesswork for the Citrix stuff. That said, the Samsung 10 inch tab would be first up if the Touchpad weren't coming. Maybe I can use Father's day for an excuse?

  • etb - 11 years ago

    Been waiting too long for the WebOS tablet - but when you live in RIM's backyard (Canada) it doesn't look like "humanly possible" will be anytime soon.

    HP does seem to be targeting the corporate market right now but you think they could have done something with "Father's Day" given it's soooo close to the anticipated launch date.

  • Erik - 11 years ago

    I'll buy it, assuming it's going to be available where I am... I've been wanting to get my hands on a tablet to play with for a while now. It might as well be one with an OS I really like :-)

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