Should the Oilers offer Tom Gilbert and the #19 draft choice to Columbus for the #8 pick?

  • Zamboni Driver - 9 years ago

    Good lord trentonl - look at the two teams left in hockey.

    Tom Gilbert would have to buy a ticket to watch the teams play if he was a Bruin or Canuck. The rose coloured glasses, I love every Oiler mentality has GOT to go. The team finished last.

    By the way.

    TWICE. With "Leadership" from Mr. 20-second assists. And spare me all those (counted at home games) blocked shots.

    Having said that...I think Howson would laugh his @ss off at the offer anyway.

    The one I heard yesterday that made sense was the #1,#19 & Hemsky for Gubranson and the #3.

  • trentonl - 9 years ago

    I honestly cannot believe people are interested in this deal. Edmonton fans l0ve to form a bias against "soft" players and run them out of town for nothing or pennies on the dollar. Gilbert is a quality 2-3 NHL d-man. THe 8th pick is a gamble only slightly more likely to pan out than the 19th pick. Moves like this would put the Oil right on Tambelinni's 6 year rebuild (actually perpetual) as opposed to augmenting the current team for success in a 2-3 year timeframe like should be the goal. brutal.

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