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Who's the alpha? (Poll Closed)

Total Votes: 5,588

  • Jules - 13 years ago

    Just found the site. Didn't get to vote.
    I read both books and while I found the YA series engaging I could NOT PUT DOWN the fever series. Fever- my friends and I call it the Brain Fever series.
    Barrons in by far the ALPAH of ALPHAs, my type of man all the way, and I was screaming at Mac "Get outta my way 'cause Barrons belongs to me!"

  • gabrielle - 13 years ago

    it's not even a thinker question. You read City of Fallen Angels you're gonna swoon over Jace, you read Shadowfever and you're gonna be screaming at Mac saying "STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM MY BARRONS!" When you compare the two the word Barrons should be the name coming out of any mouth whose read both series. :D

  • Tanya - 13 years ago

    Jace beat currans and bones?? Wow! well, Great job Jace for beating everyone and coming this far. However, Barrons will always be the ultimate ALPHA. He will school Jace for many years before he can even stand a chance. BARRONS!!! We miss you!

  • angel - 13 years ago

    i love them both lol i love them for separate reasons but barron is more alpha right now but like he is very dark and sexy and jace is still kind of a child and not there yet

  • reddlady8514 - 13 years ago

    I can't believe they put a kid against a BEAST! and I do mean beast. Barrons without a doubt is the Ultimate ALPHA!!! Jace maybe a beastie want to be? All I'm saying is hands down, cards on the table..JZB=ALPHA

  • Ire - 13 years ago

    I mean, JZB forever.

    My apologies for my bad english...

  • Ire - 13 years ago

    Yep, I have no doubt who is the Alpha. JZB ever...

  • Monica V - 13 years ago

    Saw this and laughed. How could these two be compared? Jace never stood a chance. Barrons all the way!

  • Anni - 13 years ago

    Sadly I didn't get a chance to vote for the Ultimate Alpha - who of course is BARRONS - the consumate fantasy of all of us who devoured the Fever Series - and a huge handclap to KMM for giving us JZB and Mac and everyone from the fae and unseelie courts. We are eagerly waiting for the next story following the Fever series and the Highlanders

  • T - 13 years ago

    Characters in the YA books shouldn't compete with adult fiction. It's almost insulting. There should be an entirely different contest, called THE ULTIMATE CUTIE or something. But ALPHAs have to be grown up. Seriously though, there's no one bigger or badder than JZB! He's hands down the ULTIMATE ALPHA!

  • Sobriquet - 13 years ago

    Actually, I never heard of this Jace KID. There is not a speck of childishness in Barrons and that's why he's every grown WOMANS fantasy. All man, through and through.

  • Grace - 13 years ago

    WTH?! I've never even heard of this Barrons kid.
    What is this world coming to?
    C'mon people, Jace is the way to go! He's everyone's fantasy

  • Gwen - 13 years ago

    I can't believe Jace beat out Curran but if JZB is gonna win it I'm happy! Wahooo go Barrons!

  • tara - 13 years ago

    Noo.. jace is losing i don't like it, he is the coolest badass shadowhunter to ever be introduced in the YA books... world

  • Rachel - 13 years ago

    JZB all day every day

  • Kim - 13 years ago

    JZB all the way!!

  • Sophia leon - 13 years ago

    Go barrons! Your always the alpha!!!!!!!!! ^^

  • Harlem Huntress - 13 years ago

    No contest JB all the way

  • steph - 13 years ago

    Who is Jace, and why would he be in the same weight class as Barrons?

  • Sue - 13 years ago

    Barrons! Without contest! Giselle- yes, the Fever series is good. Probably the best series I've read. Definitely worth reading! :)

  • Tanyaw1224 - 13 years ago

    I really enjoyed reading about Jace but he's a cute teenager :) Barron's is by far the hottest beast out there...literally....beast. Lol I devoured the fever series and absolutely loved Barron's.

  • To Giselle - 13 years ago

    You're right, I haven't read the fever series...are they good? anyway, i voted for jace because i don't know the other dude, and jace is cool

  • Vicki - 13 years ago

    Haha... Hahahaha...

  • Who's Jace?!
    Barrons all the way!!!

  • Henriette - 13 years ago

    I just can't understand this final round... Is it worth it? We know all that the young person Jace is not lucky in front of JZB... Jace is too young. He does not make the weight (who could anyway at the moment and maybe in the future ?...) I would have been more excited by a round between Barrons and Bones, even if I evidently have voted for Barrons...

  • Crystal - 13 years ago

    Barrons! Hands down! Who has been alive longer? More experienced at almost everything? I mean everything! Who cares what he is...! He is Barrons!

  • Nekussa - 13 years ago

    I am a little late in joining the game here, but How in the WORLD did Jace beat out Bones. Are you kidding me. This would be a way better competition if it were Bones vs. Barrons. Wack!!

  • skyde_k - 13 years ago

    I love both Jace and Barrons.......but in this competition JZB is the ultimate Alpha Male. Jace is still a teenager, although hot and super awesome, he just doesn't stand a chance against Barrons.

  • Inkbella - 13 years ago

    JZB is THE Alpha & Omega!! Jace doesn't stand a chance! I LOVE Barrons!

  • Becky McCormick - 13 years ago

    Seriously!?! Oh Barrons, let me count the many ways I could give you love, I mean let me count the ways on how much I love you! ;) There seem to be little ones running around here, don't want to make anyone blush!!!

  • Giselle - 13 years ago

    oK, the 100 people that voted for jace either;
    1, Haven't read the fever series.
    2, are 12
    3, find something as 'deeply' complicated as a drawing etched into steel, coated in butter seksi.

  • Laura - 13 years ago

    I love Jace...but when it comes to being an Alpha there is is no comparison to Barrons. Give Jace more years of heartache and a lot more maturity and Barrons may have a challenger but not yet!!

  • Rebekah - 13 years ago

    Awe poor Jace. I absolutely love him and thrilled he got this far. But there's no way in hell he can stand against the sexy Barrons as alpha male. Sorry Jace. Let's go JZB!

  • Megan - 13 years ago

    You gotta hand it to Jace for making it this far... but he doesn't stand a chance against Barrons.

  • Trayana - 13 years ago

    Come. On.
    Jace is a teenager, he does not have a chance against JZB, who remains the ultimate, sexiest alpha male.

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