Would you like to see Sinbad:It's Just Family back on the air?


  • Sheila Askew - 10 years ago

    Please give us something positive to see. I am tired of the women stupidity on tv. Women calling each other out of there name not respecting each other. That is what is wrong with America everyone is mean.

  • Valencia - 11 years ago

    Love this show...Very positive and such a family -friendly show. Need more like it. Love Sinbad!!!!!

  • Renee Fletcher - 11 years ago

    Like hello, this show was the funniest show on tv, its so real and family oriented..Nothing fake. They made me realize how important family is and you never know what to expect..I respect them very much so can you please put this show back on Thankyou

  • Ezell - 12 years ago

    There is something very unique about Sinbad, not just as a comic, but as a human being. He draws people in his presents, and he imparts a reality in to them that is pleasant and relaxing and they leave his presents feeling that it`s okay to be transparent and real because it brings freedom. You have to respect the guy for keeping it real. I truly love this guys personality. If the powers that be doesn`t recognize this guys ability, It`s their loss because, " Sinbad IS A WINNER"

  • Charlotte - 12 years ago

    With all the reality shows coming on that are full of negativity, getting high ratings, I watched each episode of this show thinking, "Sadly, this will not be back on because no one is being slapped in their face". That was what I enjoyed about it the most, no negativity. I really hope that they do bring it back, but it's already November and the Braxtons are back, so it is not looking good for this show. What a shame.

  • Shawnna Thomas-EL - 12 years ago

    I really hope Sinbad's show gets picked up! Hard to believe that Butterbean can get a show, but Sinbad has to sit in limbo waiting for the network Gods to get their act together.

    I love that I can watch this show with my kids and not be afraid of the language or dialogue.

    The whole family is great to watch, and I just think Merideth is a CLASS ACT! PUT THE SHOW BACK ON!!!

  • Chris Jones - 12 years ago

    Sinbad is the BEST!!!

    I TRULY hope they give him and his family the opportunity to film more episodes. I had my timer set to automatically tune to it and I finally deleted it because THE BRAXTON's kept coming on instead.

    Good clean TV and I can watch it without having to tell the kids to get out of the room. Sinbad is funny in just normal situations, I mean the camera crew could just follow him around in everyday life and it would be hilarious to me. Just the way he carries his self and his outlook on life is funny.

    I'm 42 and Sinbad is a little older but he has pretty much the same outlook on the modern technology and Kid's that I do. We didn't have all these Cells, ITouch, and Tablets that they think they have to have when we were coming up and we made it fine. Lol

    The Whole Family Love's You & Your's Sinbad, Hope to see more episodes soon.

  • Frank Stuart - 12 years ago

    I watched Sinbad (Memphis Red) and laughed for an hour. I watched the Braxtons for 5 minutes and wanted to take an Excedrin. Sinbad is the funniest and nicest guy ever! There has to be a place for him on tv and in the movies. What you see is what you get with Sinbad.

  • Marsha J - 12 years ago

    Bring it back on, it is an enjoyable show with a REAL family with real family issues, plus its funny as heck.

  • Kelly Vaughn - 12 years ago

    I love Sinbad and I loved that show!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please Please Please bring it back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • linda J - 12 years ago

    wow!!! it was great seeing sinbad and his family on tv. this was good reality tv. hurry and bring the program back. sinbad teaches what real family values is all about. black or white great show.love you sinbad, glad to see you bringing real life issues to tv for all to see in this bad economy

  • Mae - 12 years ago

    Please bring the show back..it was so entertaining!! Yall took it off the air without warning..shame on WETV!

  • CeeCee Otis - 12 years ago

    Wetv, Sinbad's reality show should be allowed to complete the first season as well as afford the fans the opportunity to view the live-taping of a reunion. Sinbad and his family are entertaining, realistic, and a true representation of how families can become separated and the strength of a true bond and love allowed them to reunite. This show focused more on family values and building legacies versus what pop culture reality tv has bombarded us with as of late, including the constant display and obsession with bling, two-faced cat fights, sex scandals, and back-stabbing. Look forward to Sinbad and his family's return sooner than later.

    True Fan,

  • Lyn Price - 12 years ago

    I mean he's an awsome Comedian and a Great Human Being Please let him and His wonderul Family Back on. Oh and Sinbad didn't pay me to say this.Lynnie.

  • Lyn Price - 12 years ago

    I was telling my friends and family about it. it is an awsom comic and human being and I can't wait until he's back in Illinois. ######11111111FAN

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