Emmys: Which SIX (6) are most deserving of a Lead Comedy Actor nod this year?

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  • alex - 12 years ago

    Louis CK is a comedic genius. Watch Louie on fx season 2 premiere on thursday the 23rd on fx. Louis is the greatest thing for the young generation

  • Ali - 12 years ago

    Zachary & Yvonne all the way Ali from ENGLAND

  • Ali - 12 years ago

    Chuck's not doing to good in the hottest cast poll chuck is about 81 vote's behind hfo so if we dont watch it this could be the first time chuck could lose on a poll ( CHUCK ALL THE WAY )

  • Ali - 12 years ago

    There's three poll's going now Zach for lead actor for emmy which his in the lead then Yvonne for lead actress for emmy and she in the lead but now there's one for Hot Cast and CHUCK'S just in the lead a wee bit so come we need to vote CHUCK'S THE BEST SHOW EVER

  • Ayten - 12 years ago

    Go Zach

  • ronnie - 12 years ago

    Zac, Yvonne and Chuck all the way!

  • Chuck fan - 12 years ago


  • Ali - 12 years ago

    Zachary Levi all the way and Yvonne Strahovski all the way chuck's a great show so get voteing for the pair of them

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